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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation 


Washington Colltgi 

Cfiestertown, J^D 


Volume 68 

2 Introduction 


Introduction I 

Student Life 6 

(Dorms,. 32 

faculty 54 

Seniors 66 

Sports 134 

Activities 164 

Qree^Lije 174 

Closing 184 

Introduction ( 3 


""There must be a beginning of ami great 
matter, but the continuing unto the end 
untifit be thoroughly finished yields 
the true glory." 

-Sir Jrancis 'Drake 

Editors come and editors 
go, but there are some things 
that remain the same. The 
Pegasus has been a part of 
Washington College consis- 
tently since 1927. In fact, we 
have a copy of the first Pe- 
gasus in our hands now as we 
type. That fact in itself 
exemplifies the theme "Time- 
less." The people and places 
of that first annual, although 
some have passed on, or 
changed drastically, will live 
on simply because that book 

This year's yearbook is one 
that we hope will help, in 
future years, to bring back 
many timeless memories. 
You hold in your hands a 
piece of history. In years to 
come, editors may sit and 
read what we have written 
here to produce their own 
addition to the history of 
Washington College. 

"So long as men can breathe, or eyes can 


So Long lives this, and gives fife to 


-'! I 'illiam Shakespeare 




' ■ ■ 






Lr- *\ 

Br JP" 





Introduction 5 

mp\ I ti^jSHHB 

Hi ^& : 


TWk « 


° . . S 




► 1 JB 

1 V*i 





.^^B ; i'-' 

I * All. 1 




"Let us roll all our strength and all 

Our sweetness up into one ball, 

And tear our pleasures with rough 


Through the iron gates of life: 

Thus, though we cannot make our sun 

Stand still, yet we will make him run." 

—Andrew Marvell 

1 7 

COLLEGE. It Looks Ditterei 
Because It Is Diffe 

■Id 1 /ao& Ar*i MM 

Student Life 7 9 ) 

WC Students Take London By Storm 

"...OH town of townes, patron and not 


London, thou are the flower of Cities 

all" -William 'Dunbar 

from "City of London" 

On August 23rd, 1993 five 
Washington College students 
departed from Boston to em- 
bark on a journey that would 
expose them to a new corner of 
the world. Their destination 
was London, England. Jay 
Derbis, Eric Dalession, April 
DeMar, Elizabeth McLaughlin, 
Cristabel Garcia-Zamor, and 
Professor David Newell be 

came the pioneers for the 
Washington-In-London pro- 
gram when they were accepted 
to take part in an experimental 
program with Grinnell College 

in Iowa. The 20th Grinnell in 
London program was to be the 
first program of its kind for 
Washington College students 
at the suggestion of Dean Gene 

While in London the WC 
students took part in a variety 
of classes, all of which allowed 
them to have a taste of British 

culture. The students were 
offered classes in the areas of 
literature, art, anthropology, 
theatre, political science, and 
philosophy. Classes included 
trips to many art galleries, 

cathedrals, castles, and gardens 
in and outside of London. The 
opportunities the program 
offered were endless and left 
these students with fond 
memories that will forever take 
them back to the country that 
became a second home to 

-by April DeMar 

"...This precious stone 

set in a silver sea, 

Which serves it in he 

office of a wall, 

Or as a moat defensive 

to a house, 

Against the envy of 

less happier lands; 

This blessed plot, 

this earth, 

this realm, this England." 

—John of Gaunt, King Richard II, 
by William Shakepeare 

Student Life 11 

12 ) Student Life 

New Student Center and Eatery Open at WC 

After Long Semester Without Popular Relaxation Spots 

Soon after arriving back from 
Winter Break, students noticed 
something different about the 
campus. This something was 
that the new Student Center 
and eatery, The Cove, had 
opened after months of waiting 
in anticipation. 

Originally known as The 
Coffeehouse, ideas began 
swarming around the college 
nearly fourteen years ago for 
renovations to be made. Last 
summer the renovations began, 
and after what seemed like 
countless delays, the Student 
Center opened in January, 
although it wasn't quite fin- 
ished. The Cove opened a 

month later. The official 
dedication ceremony took 
place during Washington's 
Birthday Convocation week- 
end in February- 
Headed by Dennis Berry, a 
staff of students monitors and 
runs the Student Center. A 
number of Student Govern- 
ment Association, as well as 
Student Activities office spon- 
sored activities were offered 
during the first few weekends 
back. During the week stu- 
dents have access to the Stu- 
dent Center and all it's facili- 
ties, ranging from pool, to 
watching the wide screened 
TV, playing ping pong or air 

hockey, or simply relaxing. 
The Cove offers a wide variety 
of food and beverage to choose 
from, as well as offering restau- 
rant-style booths to eat in. 
The Student Center and 
Cove have already proved 
their popularity among stu- 
dents in the first semester of it's 
operation. At any time of day 
you can see students taking full 
advantage of the facilities. The 
new additions to the college 
are sure to remain two of the 
hot spots on campus. 

-by Naomi Cook 

"These arc the times to remember, cause they Wilt not fast 
forever. These are the days to hold onto, cause zue won't 
although we'll 'want to. These arc the times..." 

--'Bifl'ij Joel 
'These 'Arc The. Times" 

14 Student Life 

Student Life 15 

BALL 1004 

February 19, 1994 

Washington's Birthday Ball 
broke the traditional mold in 
1994 with a Mardi Gras 
celebration that would have 
made New Orleans blush. 
Over $60,000 of decorations 
generously provided by 
Hargrove, Inc. transformed 
what Washington College 
once knew as Cain Gymna- 
sium into the backdrop for a 
dazzling affair to remember. 

King of the Ball, Louis 
Goldstein, and his court (the 
Mystic Krew of WC) 

galavanted around many 
revelers attending tha Ball in 
an energetic parade of color; 
the Zem Zemarel Orchestra 
kept students, alumni, fac- 
ulty, administration, and 
other members of the Wash- 
ington College community on 
the dance floor for most of the 

The Mardi Gras Ball, time- 
less in it's tradition of revelry, 
brought about a shining new 
facet of the gem we know as 
WC-unity throughout the 
College community in an 
affair to remember for many 

years to come. Will it be 
matched? Will balls of the 
future surpass the glitter and: 
glamour of the 1994 Mardi 
Gras Ball? Only time will 
tell... vivid memories of the 
Ball will live in the minds of 
many, memories of dancing 
into the night, of warming the 
chill off a cold February week 
end to celebrate George 
Washington's Birthday and 
the accumulated history of 
Washington College. 


16 Student Life 

Student Life 17 





% if ¥ I^K^Km 

1 .•*■>; A A^^^B 


*?%r **C •*? liar A: 


^^'^* £STJP*A/?#^ 

,18 /Student Life 

(Birthday Bail 


20 ) Student Life 

push it Pull it... 
bend it... 


Everywhere you look at WAC 
you see them... bent, beat up, and 
worn to perfection.. .the way you 
wear them shows who you 
are... every one knows a Phi Delt 
or a lacrosse player by their 
hat... The crew girls wear them, 
the AOPis wear them. ..just 
about everyone on campus has 
a style all their own... 

Student Life T21) 

22 J Student Life 


Student Life 23 

We spend our time in 
classes, hanging out, playing 
sports and many other things. 
Student life at Washington is 
diverse, and there is a never 
ending sense of activity in the 
air. This alone makes Wash- 
ington College timeless. 

.— **. ^ 


"■s*, x-;v^.^-*ig'* 1 ^; ^ 

■ ii '"■ 

"7^— - 

Student Life ( 25 

(26 ) Student Life 


nmr , 

m&n i 





we've qoT TO make iT 


-"IF You Leave" 

( 28 ) Student Life 


-t'i •;_ 

m 4 




Student Life 31 



\[ 32 ) Dorm Life 

: a m m m m 

Many a man who thinks to found a 


liscovers that he has merely opened a 

;avern for his friends. 

—Norman Douglas 

Dorm Life \ 33 

1st Floor: Sherry Menton, Rachael 
Fink, Jennifer Green, Iris Lewis, 
Melissa Kordula, Renee Guckert, 
Helen Pitts, Amy Scarlett, Kerri 
Ginn, Erin Haskell, Tina Welch, 
Amy Swain, Mary Jefferson, Liza 
Dickson, Jennifer Dougherty, 
Kathryn Mullan, Even Zartman, 
Bridgette Avant 


2nd Floor: Stacy Sherman, Ramsey 
Bigham, Christelle Dumont, Dahlia 
Kaminsky, Elizabeth Moga, 
Catherine Langan, Michelle 
Vandernat, Susan Czechowski, 
Wendi Hartman, Carolyn 
Hammond, Stacey Waicker, Laura 
Meerholz, Andrea Nolan, Mary 
Saverino, Jennifer Dow, Colleen 
Roberts, Jayme Ricketts, Jill 
Piechota, Jemima LaClair, Tiffany 
Altizer, Tonya Howell, Alexandra 

3rd Floor: Mary Bird, Diana 
Clausen, Aimee Erhart, Joyce 
Jacobs, Catherine Sullivan, 
Alexandra Baez, Katina Duklewski, 
Nicole Chmura, Jessica Cramer, 
Cristin Albert, Melissa Olson, Taber 
Overall, Jennifer Ruenzel, Heather 
Murray, Jean Ames, Sharla Ponder, 
Dawn Simms, Jennifer S. 
LeSchander, Lindsay Taylor, 
Heather Gray 

1(34 ) Dorm Life 

2nd Floor: Renee Kuhnel, Amy Barrell, 
Karen Bianchini, Pam Hendrickson, 
Dawn Brown, Carolyn Coleman, Amy 
Draper, Tara Rathel, Sabrin Luginbuhl, 
Caroline Jensen, Robin Woollens, 
Rebecca Strauss, Brett Kopay, Alicia 
Sievert, Allison Wentworth, Erika Ford, 
Shannon Metcalf, Stephanie DeSantis, 
Jessica Chester, Susan Hanna, Karen 
Walker, Ann-Marie Malena, Vicky 
Roth. Amy Tingle, Jennifer Waldych, 
Crystal Windsor, Emily Grush. Jennifer 
Saunders, Peggy Bowman, Kelly Eakin. 
Michelle Chin, Tina Smith, Catherine 
Child, Ronnetta Church, Erin Branch, 
Tiffany Glenn, Eboni Taylor, Melissa 
Ellwanger, Amy Rizzitello, Julie 
Shaevich, Hillary Dalton 

3rd Floor: Amie Wiseley, Renee Sea- 
men, Michelle Sheppard, Allison 
Worrell, Melanie Wentzell, Nicole 
Bromwell, Suzanne Nichols, Suzanne 
Basel, Nancy Millhouser, Renee Alten, 
Suzanne Fischer, Sarah Young, Eliza- 
beth Schneck, Melissa Ruane, Shrylnee 
Johnson, Melissa Wentzell, Danica 
Heath, Paula Link, Jennifer Hoffman, 
Gretchen Blitz, Cynthia Matalucci, 
Charlee Darby, Melanie Ruane, Erica 
Estep, Debbie Ann Robinson, Kiyaa 
Washington, Sarah Kirby, Alicia 
Washburn, Theresa Senn, Sherri 
Foster, Kristen Nemecek, Anna 
Boardman, Renee Bylkas, Melissa 
Windsor, Heather Ennis, Abagail Byars, 
Akilah Hughley, Jessica Tunison, Kelly 
Rodgers, Jennifer Biondi, Nicole 

4th Floor: Wendy Debnam, Laura 
Heidel, Natalie Guiberson, Karen Scott, 
Stefanie Keeney, Megan Ward, Denise 
Hakanson, Marianne Culbertson, 
Krissie Callahan, Nicole Zemanski, 
Donica Collier, Christy Belliveau, Kim 
Morgan, Colleen Cusick, Liza 
Whayland. Alison Deliberto, Jessica 
duHoffman, Rebecca Herrera, Heather 
Harper, Nicole Wagner, Amy Elliott, 
Lauren Levine, Erin Miller, Rebecca 
Stephens, Elizabeth Barlow, Gloria 
Mast, Leanne Cole, LeeAnn Lezzer, 
Stephan ie Self 

Dorm Life ( 35 


A: Kevin Rader, Mark Phaneuf, 
James Carver, Gregory Miller 
B: Melissa Sullivan, Jennifer 
Hanifee, Holly Politis, Samantha 
Emmet C: Melissa Burow, Barbara 
Stuart, Courtney Myers, Laura 
Rindfuss DiMiroslav Beran, Emilio 
Bogado, Carlos Nuno-Langre, 
Maxemilian Nilsson E: Kate Towery, 
Susan Daisley, Julie Lippke, Angela 
Georghiou F: John Phoebus, Andrew 
Evans, Jonathon Rogers, John-Bruce 
Alexander G: Brenda Stanley, 
Marcella Duffy, Sarah Duffy, Nicole 
Bachinsky H: Ray Herndon, John 
Shannahan, Leroy Gatell. Tony 
Higgins I: Joy Yarusi, Melissa 
Moorehead, Jenny Rock, Elizabeth 
McLaughlin J: David Ratta, Michael 
Ratta, Stuart Warner, Christopher 
Jones K: Amy Osbourne, Kirsten 
Lucas, Cynthia DeWaters, Linsey 
Ludwin L: Eric Jewett, James Pitt, 
Patrick Oplinger, Keith Daniels M: 
Leann Steuer, Erica Fitzhugh, Tanae 

Gregory Byrnes, Thomas Albright, 
Christopher Evans, Thomas 
Heibler, Micheal Gill, Erik Fuchs, 
Bart Jaeger, Mike McDermott, 
Chris Sanchez, Sean Swift, Steven 
Dashiell, Rory Conway, David 
Dennehy, Matthew Johnson, Brian 
Rush, Brian Bird, Geoff Bley, 
Robert Moran, Merritt Burke, 
Jonathan Kostyal, Ronald Lockhart, 
Gary Yovanavich, Ryan Mahoney, 
Giles Beale, Jon Clayton, Andrew 
Manos, Christopher Welch, 
Christiam Boone, Brian Flynn 

36 Dorm Life 


■ "o B will 


Brett Rhyne, Ken Lapp, Colin 
Taper, Adam Poe, Eric Pikus, Tod 
Hall, Thomas McLemore, Keith 
Whiteford, Tom Obara, Timothy 
Pilarski, Jeff Lim, Lance Mercerau, 
Brian Ford, Wayne Sprouse, Eric 
Boone, Andrew Neville, Kevin 
Roland, Frank Frisbee, Christopher 
Shultz, Craig Flurry, Kris Murphy. 
Scott Verstandig, Geoff Simms, 
Mike Ginns, Pat Lebowitz, Geoff 

Derek Cuff, Robert Becker, 
Masahiro Tachi, Benjamin Harris, 
Mark Awantang, Marcello Brutti, 
David Cola, Timothy Whittier, 
Julian Gaudion, Jason Campbell, 
Christopher Head, Daniel Coker, 
Joshua Rosenstock, Lisa Marie 
Castro, Shawntell Fitzgerald, 
Curtia Arnold, Zylia Knowlin, 
Christine Smith, Julia Scheid, 
Tanya Allen, Michael Frey, Samuel 
Berger, Anthony DiPietro 

Dorm Life 37 


First Floor: Amanda Kirby, Kerri 
Haskins, Mariah Geissler, Eliza- 
beth Likens, Christina Chiarchiaro, 
Shelley O'Brian, Jennifer Voss, 
Jessica Dindino, Lauren 
Winkelman, Angela Panton, Kelly 
Beckwith, Lisa Christie, Amada 
Barnes, Sonja Wilson, Beth Welch, 
Heather Wilder, Tarin Towers, 
Rebecca Bryant, Wendy Kraus, 
Elisa Hale, Christabel Garcia- 
Zamor, James Baker 

Second Floor: Spencer White, Steve 
Kim, Thomas Gallagher, David 
Labowitz, Joshua Dreisband, 
Michael Lark, Jamie Curren, Rex 
Vogan, Robin Sander, Michael 
Davis, Paul Mullin, Jui Suen, John 
Wooters, David Maravilla, Trevor 
McNemar, Brandon Hopkins, Aaron 
Pierce, Michael Kember, Damian 
Polla, Allen Marshall, Scott Koon, 
Andrew Stone 

Third Floor: Edmund Knight, Eric 
Emrey, John Moreland, Paul 
O'Hearn, Brian Dorst, Christopher 
Smith, Christopher Tull, Charles 
Obrecht, Justin Codinha. 
Mitsuyoshi Hannuki, Robert 
Kappeli, Kyle Bowers, Charles 
Bucknor, James Slone, John 
Bonvetti, Anderew Van Ogtrop, 
Michael Haggerty, Derek Walsh, 
Douglas Blair, Clarence Tyler, 
Christopher Calhoon, Joseph 
D'Urso, Matthew Mullin, Ian Kilty 

38 ) Dorm Life 


Queen Anne 

First Floor: Heather Noble, Sarah 
Sullican, Penny Chaney, Elizabeth 
MacDonald, Kimberly Berry. 
Wendy Dimick, Patricia Walton, 
Kathryn Shellnut, Naomi Cook, 
Melissa Xenakes, Taryn Venner, 
Jennifer Hammer, Namala Moss, 
Maria Jerardi, Edna Roberts, Tin- 
Kei Hsu, Heather Pilar, Katie 
Pagliughi, Laure Bradley, Kimberly 
Yound, Kristina Carter, Shelly 
Waltimyer, Kimberly Sprague, 
Jennifer Warren, Elizabeth Mass- 

Second Floor: Lainie Goldsmith, 
Monica McDowell, Kim Van 
Keuren, Catherine Thorne, Amy 
Bortmes, Amanda Schwartz, 
Stephanie Woodward, Kimberly 
Prettyman, Melanie Stoer, Julie 
Botsch, Juliana Cofone, Susan 
Huntley, Tammie Silva, April 
Demar, Julia Nordhoff, Karen 
WRight, Carolyn Rouland, Jessica 
Clark, Amy Luts, Stephanie 
Haefner, Sarah Hazzard, Lisa 
Swann, Paula DeStefano, Martha 
Kimura, Wendi Eskridge, Erin 
Jacobson, Laura Green, Dawn 

Dorm Life 



Johan Frayssinhes, Stephany 
Slaughter, Eshani Ruwanpura, 
Anne Schmittlutz, Sashi 
Fernando, Adriana Somolinos, 
Anna Msella, Irene Msella, 
Kasomporn Sukayoung, Siu-Yee 
Ng, Jason Truax, Ryan Vigent, 
Stephan Berger, Brendan Norris, 
David Tsipenyuk, Mari Endo, 
Karla Pozo, Chandev 


Valerie Neidig, Jeanine Bilderback, 
Peggy Busker, Sokhon Pin, Donald 
Pfister, Douglas Beckworth, Bunny 
Yeh, Mollie Storke, Todd Dunn, 
Brett Showalter, Mishelle Crosier, 
Eileen Hunter, Brian Coleman, Yan 
Da, Kristin Hiller, James Delahay, 
David Rawson 

40 Dorm Life 


Keith Morgan, DeepakRaja, Aran 
Downes, Scott Culpepper, An- 
drew Parks, Chad Cunningham, 
Ronald Kozich, Christopher 
Eaton, Robert Brown, Charles 
Helm, Aaron Grayson, Charles 
albrecht, Edmund Hicks, Lionel 
Dyson, Matthew Wilder, Christo- 
pher Maier, Benjamin Smyth, 
Johathan Alexander, Christian 
Thornton, Mark Murphy, Mat- 
thew Murray, Jeffery Grafton, 
Michael Bowman, Joseph Derbis, 
Chris Berghaus, Andre Tayler, 
Yoseph Bekele, Jason Kraus 

Dorm Life 41 


First Floor: Chad Buchman, Adam 
Ruby, Todd Lineburger, James 
Alvarez, Reuben Stump, Ashiq 
Yusuf, Matthew Distler, Michael 
Dougherty, Marc Taylorson 

Second Floor: Jonathan Paine, 
Devin Brown, Alfred Meissner, 
John Daskalakis, Christopner 
Downs, John O Hearn, Steven 
Solomon, Lawrence Taylor, Tyler 
McCarthy, David George, Jason 

42 ) Dorm Life 

Third Floor: Gregory Watson, 
Michael Beardsley, Joseph Mennit, 
William Aams, David Kraft. Scott 
Steinmuller, Richard McKee, 
Christopher Freisheim, Timothy 
Parent, Daniel Woodall 

Fourth Floor: Charles Cummings, 
Jerry Davis, Chris Hargett, Ken- 
neth Griffin, David Czekaj, Luther 

Dorm Life 43 

First Floor North: Billie Rinaldi, 
Kari Lee, Hosanna Schwable, 
Cherie Gallini, Amy Peterson, 
Kiona Estravit, Shana Strauss, 
Brian Tipton, Justin Thomas, Regis 
de Ramel, Mark Krause, Jon 
Lundberg, Daniel MacPeak, Gre- 
gory Tomasso, Gregory Walker, 
Ryan Streckfus, Mark Reyero, Eric 

First Floor South: Cleo Patterson, 
Caron Woodward, Johni Savage, 
Amy Povloski, Kamala Gordon, 
Kristin Smith, Kathryn Crouch, 
Catherine Barrett, Jennifer Lukacs, 
Catherine Mercer, Wayne Marshall, 
John Weaver, David Gillis, Jason 
McDade, Scott Liptak, James 

44 Dorm Life 

Second Floor North: Joel Brown, 
Heather Morrone, Tina Balin, Lisa 
Chobody, Jennifer Friedman, Alison 
Carr, Thane Glenn, Cliff Howell, 
Ian McVeigh, Mark Stephens, Paul 
Smail, Marshall Norton, David 
Johnson, Anthony Hecht, Kevin 
Wakelee, Steven Brown 

Second Floor South: Richard Kane, 
John Guchemand, Christopher 
Camillo, Vincent Ramunno, Philip 
McQuade, William Smiley, Paul 
Briggs, James Hannigan, Todd 
Weil, Abby Moss, Kristen Keener, 
Marcia Mowbray, Kelli Youngblood, 
Claire Pitt, Erin Rowe, Marcia 
Flinn, Stacey Hammond 

Dorm Life 45 


1st Floor: Leticia Lyford-Pike, 
Robyn Mitchell, Salwa Nahdi, 
Elizabeth Mangano. Eileen Kuriger, 
Caren Lee, Rachel Roll, Jessa 
DeMars, Amanda Friend, Helen 
Thomforde, Alexandra Nader, 
Jennifer Berkmar 

2nd Floor: Thomas D. Briggs, 
Federico Da-Fieno, Andrew King, 
William Merriken, Vincent Baker, 
Kenneth Pipkin, Dana Rechen, 
Yong-In Lee. Mark Heagney, 
Christopher Watkins, Joshua 
Lawrence, Ryu Kawai, Jason 
Tommell. Stephen Fuchs, Eric 
Hammesfahr, Roger Mullins, 
Andrew Moffat, Shawn McMahon, 
Eugene Vassell. Jarrett Pasko 

46 Dorm Life 


No Picture Available 

1st Floor: David Powell, Douglas 
Peterson, Mathew Zimmerman, 
Benjamin Wentworth, Thomas 
Webb, Timothy Reath, Carey 
Hargrove, Seth Cole, Peter Ward, 
Darrick Sparks, Timothy Mullady 

2nd Floor: Forrest George, 
Stephanie Millauer, Robyn Shaw, 
Jill Schultz, Jackie Smith, Chantell 
Jones, Helene Montgomery, 
Kathleen Meagher, Amy Harmon, 
Pearl Pham, Jodie Clark, Mindie 
Kaplan, Christina Hutson, Simone 

Dorm Life 47 

^48) Dorm Life 

"There's no 
place like 

"The Wizard of Oz"> 



We Deliver 

until 12:00 


Small Cheese $6.00 

Med. Cheese $8.00 

Large Cheese $9.00 


Dorm Life (49)1 

50 Dorm Life 

52 Dorm Life 



54) Faculty 

he best teacher, until one comes to 
dult pupils, is not the one who knows 
le most, but the one who is most ca- 
able of reducing knowledge to that 
Lmple compound of the obvious and 
le wonderful which slips into the in- 
mtile comprehension. 

— H.L. Mencken 

Faculty ( 55 

Charles tt. Trout 

56 ) Faculty 

gene 'Wubbels 
'Provost and (Dean 

Lucille Sansing 
Associate 'Dean 


'Maureen % 'Mclntire 
T)ean of Student Affairs 

'Edward 'E. 'Ma?tcy 
Associate 'Dean of Students 




Tex Andrews, Acting Chair 
Dr. Robert Janson-LaPalme 
Not Pictured: 
Sue Tessem 


Dr. Donald A Munson, Chair 

Dr. Rosemary H. Ford 

Dr. David E. Russell 

Dr. Kathleen M. Verville 

Not Pictured: 

Dr. June Middleton 




(Business Management 

Dr. Terrence H. Scout, Chair 
Gerald A Walsh 
Don F. Weirda 
Jerry F. Wright 


TJX Faculty 

Dr. John Conkling 
Dr. Frank Creegan 
Dr. James R. Locker 
Not Pictured: 
Dr Rosette Roat 



Dale Daigle 
Dr. Jason Rubin 
Not Pictured: 
Timothy B. Maloney 

Dr. Davy H. McCall, Chair 

Dr. W. Michael Bailey 

Dr. Raymond Turner 

Not Pictured: Dr. Michael S. 

Malone, Dr. Edguardo Buscaglia 


Dr. Sean O'Connor, Chair 
Dr. Jack Hamilton 
Not Pictured: Rachel Scholz, Dr. 
Joan Ellenhorn, Steven Kinlock, 
Sylvia Maloney 


Joachim J. Scholz, Director 

Faculty f 59) 

Bennett J. Lamond, Chair 
Dr. Thomas Cousineau 
Robert P. Day 
Dr. Richard C. DeProspo 

Dr. Audrey Fessler 
Dr. Richard Gillin 
Dr. Nancy Tatum 
Kathy Wagner 

Dr. Beverly Wolff 
Not Pictured: 

Edward Maxcy, Beth McCoy, 
Robert Schreur 



Dr. W. Robert Fallaw, Chair 
Dr. Emilie Amt 
Dr. Nathan Smith 
Dr. Richard Striner 


Dr. Carol Wilson 

Not Pictured: 

Dr. Charles H. Trout 

60 ) Faculty 


Kenneth D. Wantling 
Not Pictured: 
Sam Smith 

Dr. Albert Briggs, Chair 
H. Louise Amick 
Dr. Eugene P. Hamilton 
Dr. Gail Kaplan 

Modern Languages 

Dr. Joachim Scholz 

Dr. George R. Shivers 

Not Pictured: 

Jefford Vahlbusch, Andres 

Villagra, Amy Smiley 

Dr. Thomas A. Pabon 
Dr. Linda Baldwin 
Dr. Colin Dickson 
Christine A. Pabon 


Dr. Garry E. CLarke, Chair 

Ann Mathews 

Kathleen Mills 

Elizabeth Parcell 

Not Pictured: Dr. Amzie Parcell 

Faculty ( 61 


Dr. David J. Newell, Chair 
Dr. Robert J. Anderson 
Dr. Kevin M . Brien 
Dr. Peter F. Tapke 
Not Pictured: 
Peter W. Wakefield 

Physical "Education 

Geoffrey M. Miller, Chair 
Penny J. Fall 
Thommas Finnegan 
Karen Lynn Smith 

ToCi Sci & Internationa 

Dr. Daniel L. Premo, Chair 

Dr. Tai Sung An 

Dr. Tahir Shad 

Dr. Edward J. Weissman 

Not Pictured: 

Dr. John B. Taylor 



Dr. Juan Lin, Chair 
Dr. Satinder Sidhu 
Not Pictured: 
Robert Harmon 

[(&} Faculty 


Dr. George Spilich, Chair 
Dr. James R. Seimen 
Not Pictured: 
Dr. Michael T. Kerchner 
Dr. Kevin J. McKillop 
Dr. Cecilia M. Accocella 


Dr. Steven Cades, Chair 
Dr. Janet Kestenburgh-Amighi 
Dr. Patricia E. Home 
Dr. Lucille H. Sansing 

Dr. Jeanette E. Sherbondy 
Almon C. Barrell II 

Student Activities 

W. Dennis Berry, 

Faculty f 63) 

Homines dum docent discunt. 

'Tis Education forms the common mind, 
Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclin'd. 
-Alexander Pope, Epistles to Several Persons 

64 ) Faculty 

Faculty Secretaries 

Cecelia Everitt 

Nancy Caldeira 

Karen Utkewicz, Sandy Brown 

Dawn Baker 

On leave, 1993-1994 

Kathleen Verville 

Kenneth Wantling, Joachim 

Scholz, Kathleen Mills, Dave 

Newell, Kevin Brien, Thomas 

Finnegan, Juan Lin, Edward 

Weissman, James Siemen 

Faculty/Staff "^^ 



66 ) Seniors 

?he world is new, untried. Do not be- 
sve in the past. I give you the uni- 
3rse new and unhandled every hour. 
3u think in your idle hours that there 
literature, history, science behind you 
) accumulated as to exhaust thought 
ad prescribe your own future and the 
iture. In your sane hour you shall see 

that not a line has yet been written; 
that for all the poetry that is in the 
world your first sensation on entering a 
wood or standing on the shore of a lake 
has not been chanted yet. It remains 
for you, so does all thought, all object, 
all life remain unwritten still." 

--Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Cfumdev AShayaratne 

Sucking "Kukul kakul 

jofin-'Bruce Alexander 

Chestertown, MD 

68 ) Seniors 

Tanya Angetl Alien 

Trumbull, CT English 


--Walt Whitman and the 
Bad Poet's Society 

I saw a man pursuing the 


Round and round they sped. 

I was disturbed at this; 

I accosted the man. 

"It is futil," I said, 

"You can never—" 

'You lie," he cried, 
And ran on. 

- -Stephen Crane 

< LlisaSetfi 'Anne Aylesivortfi 

Thank you Mom and Dad. I 
love you. 

Denton, MD History 

"Useless laws weaken the necessary laws. "--Montesquieu 
"It is easy to take liberty for granted when you have never had 
it taken away from you." -Dick Cheney 
"When you aim for perfection, you dis- 
cover it's a moving target."— G. Fisher 



Easton, MD 

Kearneysville, WV 

Jennifer Senda^ 

New York, NY 

Margie 'Wadswortfi 

Duxbury, MA 

70 ) Seniors 

Potomac, MD 

" " """! 


"For me there is only the 
traveling on paths that have 
heart, on any path that may 
have heart. There I travel, 
and the only worthwhile 
challenge is to traverse its 
full length. And there I 
travel, looking, looking, 

~~don Juan, from Carlos 
Castaneda's The Teachings of 
don Juan: A Yaqui Way of 

Stepfian (Berger 

De Pluribus Unus 




In life's great field a 


in the bivouac of life 

Be not like dumb driven 


Be a hero in the strife. 

Special thanks to: Mom, 
Dad, Kappa Alpha Order, 
Steve, Mark, and Emily. 

Washington Township, NJ 

"I believe that imagination is 
stronger than knowledge. 
That myth is more potent 
than history. 

That dreams are more power- 
ful than facts. 
That hope always triumps 
over experience. 
That laughter is the only cure 
for grief. 

And I believe that love is 
stronger than death." 
Mom & Dad, you have given 
me so much! Thank you for 
all you have done, for all your 
sacrifices, to make all this 
possible! I love you!! 



Chevy Chase, MD 
Psychology, Sociology minor 

To my family-Thank you 
for all of your love and sup- 
port. I love you. 
To my friends, especilly the 
rowing team— Thanks for so 
many great times. You guys 
are the best. I will miss you. 

Annapolis, MD 



We are but a rag, tag, 
fugitive band of barflys, 
in search of the eternal 
buzz. When we began, 
we were 12. Now 8 are 
present and of those only 
7 go to school. Of the 12, 
only 2 will walk and 
receive diplomas in 94 
anywhere. What does 
this tell us? The 10 have 
discovered that the 5th 
year will further enrich 
their bodies and lead 
them ever closer to the 
eternal buzz. (Tubman) 
As the Great Pharoh, 
Benjamen T. Hinkle said, 
"Alcohol is not a drug, but 
rather the ambrosia of 
mankind." "A storm is 
coming J.R., OUR 

B. B., S. P., Paul Muad 



Morrison, CO 

"Thane, I wanna quote you in 
my yearbook thingee..." 
"Ha! That'd be awesome!" 
says Thane. 

"Lots of people talk to ani- 
mals," said Pooh. 
"Maybe, but..." 
"Not very many listen, 
though," he said. 
"That's the problem," he 


Joe[ 'Ldzvard 'Brotvn 

Huntingdon Vally, PA 

"So sometimes when the 
music stops 

I seem to hear a distant 

Of waves and seagulls, foot- 
ball crowds and churchbells 
And I wanna go back to my 
~~Joe Jackson 



%ae 9{. (Brown 

Annapolis, MD 

"I'm not going to do nothing 

any more." 

"Never again?" 

"Well, not so much. They 

don't let you." 

~~The House at Pooh Cor- 

Insert any Indigo Girl's song. 

Thanks Ma, Mae, Chloe, and 

sometimes Dad. 

To my friends, love ya. 

To Binky, I love you as much 

as you love me. 



Christopher C. Jones 

lestertown, MD 


[owever mean your life is, 

set it and live it; do not 

un it and call it hard 

imes. It is not so bad as you 


— Henry David Thoreau 

any thanks to family and 

ends who have greatly 

pported me during the past 

xr years. Very special 

anks to Mom, we finally 

ade it! 

West Newton, MA 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Beth 
and Tracy. I could not have 
done it without you! 

Woodbine, MD 

(David il. %atta 

West Newton, MA 


Mom, Dad, and Beth-Thank 

you for helping me through 

these past four years. 

Granger, IN (Indiana??) 

Dad and Glenn, thank you for 
getting me through this year. 
Mom, I know you're watching 
and I hope you're proud. I 
love you. Jamie, Jones, the 
Rattas-it's been a fun four 



HSby Clifford 

Hamilton, Bermuda 

Thank you to my family 

shown here. 

Nate: You win! You are a 

better person than I! 

Ramsey: You drink too 


Now I'm off to have several 

illegitimate children... 

Chestertown, MD 
Chemistry, Biology minor 



^gry (Diffon Conway 

Wilmington, DE 

"< " 

Thanks to everybody 
for four years of good 

times, hard times, and 
drunk times. To all my 

critics, see ya, and to 
all my fans... you're 
welcome!! Now, I'm 
gonna drink a forty and 

see was up! Cheeaah! 

Heather %ae Coursey 

Centreville, MD 

"I was born upon thy bank, 

My blood flows in thy 
And thou meanderes forever 

At the bottom of my 

~ -Henry David Thoreau 

Thanks Mom and Dad! 



Chris Cote 

Manlius, NY 


In the immortal words of 

the CRANN-MAN: "I'm all 

banged up!" 

For those interested, I am 

the "Master of my domain." 

My advice to my younger 

team mates: "Shoot high! 

It looks better." 

Finally, always remember 

to just "be the ball." ~~Ty 

Webb, Caddyshack 


Gillette, NJ 


'Michette L. Crosier 

Camden, DE 

"A learned person is not 
learned in everything; but 
the capableperson is capable 
in everything, even in what 
he is ignorant of." 
~ -Montaigne 

"Happiness isn't something 
you experience; it's some- 
thing you remember." 
~ -Oscar Levant 

Wendy (Debnam 

Hanover, PA 
English, Education 

We have been friends to- 

In sunshine and shade. 
~ -Caroline Norton 

Thanks to my family for all 
their love and support. I 
couldn't have doen it without 
you. Mom and Dad-I love 
you! Miriam, Melissa, 
Michelle, Natalie, and Megan, 
thanks for always being 
there, and of course, to Jim. 



Kingsville, MD 

Marietta, OH 
Political Science 

Thanks to: 
Friends— 4 years of T, 
Hooozik, Lins, Lil'Duffer, 
Twinkster, Abby, Beauregard, 
off campus buddies, Paine, 
Papa Bear, Wimbly, Wookie 
& Waldo, Le Roy, Alpha Chi 
pledges '91 & KW, Crystal, 
Strauss, Bean, Ting, Brett, 
and the rest --Kirball, 
Crackbaby, CindiLou, & 

Fun— Cliff City, marine 
songs, Theta formal, Fall 
weekend '92, psycho men, 
party hats, rugby parties, 
Outward Bound, Harmar 
Tavern, Andy's, Lambda 
spying, ska, face masks, K's 
room, 90210, Melrose, Mobile, 
Big Bri, New Orleans, video- 
tapes, Epcot, stuff, Prozac, 
sarcasm, Old Grand Dad, 
Boone's, Rebel Yell, women's 
lax, crew. 

82 ) Seniors 

Chester Springs, PA 
American Studies 

Mobile, AL 

Mike D. (2nd dad) 

Our advisors 

Emily Miller for adding so 
much excitement to my life! 

Great huge special thanks 
to our families: Thanks Mom 
& Dad, David, Ed, Edward, 
Ginny, Annette, Marley & 
Cassidy. Miss you Granny 
and Mimi. 

Here's to an excellent fu- 

"You know, sometimes it 
seems things go by too 
quickly. We're so busy watch- 
ing out for what's just ahead 
of us that we don't take the 
time to enjoy where we are." 
~ -Calvin & Hobbes 

"I don't remember who met 
who first. All I remember is 
the [four] of us together." 
—St. Elmo's Fire 

"Ok, it's time for 
Sayonara...even the best of 
friends they must part." 
— the Pogues 



"Well, we're all heading 
for the grave, 
Your face just covers your 
skull for a while. 
So stretch that skull 
mask, and smile." 
--Jack Kerouak 

fyfarceffa (Duffy 

Chesterfield, VA 
Psychology, Sociology 
You were a man of wisdom 
You were a man of strength 
You gave me hope, love and 
most of all, life. 
You were my father, my very 
best friend 

This diploma is for you— my 
love always, Dad. 
Mom, Kim, and David— thanks 
for the love and encourage- 
ment; thanks and forever 
friendship to my close friends 
who have made these four of 
the best years of my life; to 
those Sig brothers— thanks for 
four years of "Hell" and unfor- 
gettable car services! 
Good-bye and good luck to all- 
-"the Lil-Dufr" 



New Orleans, LA 

"Not to forget danger in the 
time of peace so as to protect 
one's peace; not to forget ruin 
in the time of security so as to 
preserve that security; not to 
forget disorder in the time of 
order so as to guard that or- 

~~I Lhing 

Thanks to my family and 
friends. I will forget noone and 
miss you all. 
Sarah Evangeline Duffy 

\Hicoie AttTQS (Bacftins/qj 

Gaithersburg, MD 
History, Education 

"People pay for what they do, and still 
more, for what they have become. And 
they pay for it simply: by the lives they 

— James Baldwin 

"Flapping your arms can be flying." 
—Robert K. Hall 

My love and thanks to Mom, David, 
Alicia, and in loving memory, Dad. 



Lionels. (Dyson 

Baltimore, MD 
Political Science 

To my Mother and Father, I 
owe a debt of love and grati- 
tude I can never repay. This 
one's for you, Dad! Brothers 
of Kappa Alpha Order, I urge 
you to maintain the high 
standard of excellence that is 
the hallmark of a true Gentle 
man. Puffins and Rattle- 
snakes to Nikki. How sweet 
the taste of immortality! 

Mom and Dad: Thank you 
for everything; your love, 
the values, the opportuni- 
ties, your guidance and 
your support. I love you! 
Angie and Amanda: I love 
you both dearly. Achieve 
all you can; Be happy. I'll 
always support you. 
Grandma and Grandpa: 
Thank you! 
Margaret: Hey, Frog. 
Steve: Sand Pond 
Renzi, Bill, and Proakis, 
Gary: Need I say more. 
Sigs forever! 
I love you all! 


Fort Washington, PA 
Business Management, Eco- 
nomics minor 

"And he who lives a hundred 
years, idle and weak, a life of 
one day is better if a man has 
attained strength." 

--The Dhammapada 

Wendi Sue 'Eskridge 

Business Management, Psy- 

"Life is not a problem to be 
solved, but a challenge to be 
faced and conquered." 

--Wendi Eskridge (Octo- 
ber 1993) 

"Life is full of trials and 
tribulations. It is those ob- 
stacles that make life worth 

- -Wendi Eskridge 
(March 10, 1994) 



leather Jeez^er 

Baltimore, MD 

Special thanks to Mom and Dad! I appreci- 
ate everything you've done for me. Thanks 
for putting me through college and putting 
up with me. I love you both! 
To all my friends at WC: I had the best 
times with all of you and will miss you all. 
Cary, Wistie, and Amy, you are all very dear 
friends to me and I had great times with 
you, especially when Tom was around. Good 
luck! I love you all. 

"Buy me a drink 
Sing me a song 
Take me as I come 
Cause I can't stay long!" 
--Torn Petty 

'Eri/qi L. Jitzhugh 

Cambridge, MD 

"People want to know why I 
do this, why I write such 
gross stuff. I like to tell them 
I have the heart of a small 
boy-and I keep it in ajar on 
my desk." 

~~ Stephen King 

"The creation of a thousand 
forests is in one acorn." 
~ -Emerson 



(Brian 'Jfynn 

"There a lot of stupid people 
in this world, and I'm not one 
of them." 

~~B. C. Flynn 


Michaet Jrey 

Mom, Dad, and Dan: thanks for always 
being there through thick and thin. I hope 
I can make you proud. The brothers of 
Gamma Iota Gamma-keep the tradition 
always!! Jason, Andy, Mike, Stacey- 
thanks for everything! Distler-showing 
me the true meaning of true dedication. 
"That which does not kill us makes us 

"Develop the mind, make damage to the 

--Ghangus Khan 
I dedicate my diploma to my 
grandfather, William Frey. 


'Brian 'Jord 

Middletown, DE 

"Always try to hit through 
the bail." 

"I gotta work on my game." 
"No, no— don't think of is as 
work, the whole point is just 
to enjoy yourself." 

— -Boone and Otter 

'Magdaiena 9{adine Juchs 

Great Neck, NY 

| ( 90 ) Seniors 

Bel Air, MD 
Business Management 

Mom, Dad, Grandparents: 
Thanks for everything! I could 
not have done with out your 
support. Thank you! 

Brothers of Kappa Alpha 
Order: Thanks for all the food 
times. May our memories and 
traditions be keptclose at heart 

Joe and Jeanine— Thanks for 
always being there for me. 
May our friendship last an 
Love, Jeff 

Thane Tozvett Qtenn 

Bryn Athyn, PA 

"What the life of man is, no one 
knows unless that it is love. By 
virtue of heat, coming forth in 
springtime, plants of every 
kind rise from the ground, 
deck themselves with leaves, 
with blossoms, finally with 
fruits, and live. So it is with 
love in man." 

— Emanuel Swedenborg 





Lutherville, MD 

"And it is still true no matter 
how old you are— when you 
go out into the world, it is 
best to hold hands and stick 

~ -Robert Fulghum 

Thanks to all the people who 
made it a great four years. 

Sarah 'Browning 

Baltimore, MD 

L P 


Chesapeake City, MD 
Sociology, Art minor 
"True happiness consists not 
in the multitude of friends, 
but in the worth and choice." 

~~Ben Jonson 
Many thanks to my Mom and 
Dad fot their support and 
Zeta Love to all my sisters, 
may you find the happiness 
and laughter I have found in 

We finally did it-JB, KS, MC, 

Windsor, CT 

"Wooo Wooo!" 

Family, friends, Jason—thank 
you for your love and support. 

"These are days you'll remem- 
ber. When May is rushing 
over you with desire to be 
part of the miracles you see in 
eevery hour. You'll know it's 
true that you are blessed and 
lucky. It's true that you are 
touched by something that 
will grow and bloom in you." 
~~ 10,000 Maniacs 



Tameta J. 9imdricksom 

Kutztown, PA 

Mom and Dad--Thank you for 
all your guidance and sup- 
port. I love you both. 
Joe—I love you always and 

AX sisters— esp. Amy, Denise, 
Draper, Karen, and Shelley-I 
could never repay you for all 
the wonderful memories. I 
miss you already! Remember: 
"A lifetime is not too long to 
live as friends. ..Friends are 
friends forever." 

Massey, MD 

Business Administration 

My years at WC have made 
this quote very clear to me. 
To my sisters in AX£>, espe- 
cially Pain, Shelly, Draper, 
Karen, and Brett, you have 
given me the happiest times 
of my college career. 

Mike, I don't know where to 
start, so I'll just say thanks 
for being there when I've 
needed you most! 

Mom and dad, what can I 
say? You've been great. 
Thank you for all the support 
and motivation you've given 
me. I love you. 



( L[iza6eth iAshieij 

Wilmington, DE 

Thank you Mom and Dad for 
all of your support. 

Wilmington, DE 

"We have gathered here today 
to cleanse our minds and 
wash the B. S. away 
To gain strength for another 

Our duty is to be here to stay 
Because people we are in it 
for survival 

So won't you come and join 
me at the river at the Re- 

~~Me Phi Me 




"I believe I've passed the 


of consciousness and 

righteous rage 

I found that just surviving 

was a noble fight." 

—Billy Joel 
To Jer: "We can discover 
the wonders of nature." 

— the Dead 
I love you!! 

Thanks mom for every- 
thing—I love you! 

Queenstown, MD 
Political Science 

"I hate the idea of causes, and if I had to 
choose between betraying my country 
and betraying my friend, I hope I 
should have the guts to betray my 

- — E. M. Forster 

"There is something going on now in 
Mexico that I happen to think is cruelty 
to animals. What I'm talking about, of 
course, is cat juggling." 
— Steve Martin 

Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Tony Ben, Brian, 
Swifty, Schroeder, George B. and all the 
brothers of Phi Delta Theta. I love you 
all. To Graham and Jack, shots of 
Grand Marnier and Rolling Rocks. 



W 40? . 

£. 9{atfian Earned 


"Like they say in Old Mexico, 
A. M. F." 


"You should sleep late on the 
weekends, It's just much easier 
on your constitution." 
--Beastie Boys 

Windsor, NY 

"What I've got they used to call 
the blues 

Nothing is really wrong 
Feelin' like I don't belong 
Walkin' around 
Some kind of lonely clown 
Rany days and Mondays 
always get me down." 
— The Carpenters 

Thank you for the inspiration: 
Rae, Tara, Mary, Val, Michael, 
Bruce, Jeff, Morrissey, and 
especially my family. 



Caroline "Scoop" Jensen, 

Danbury, CT 

Columbia, MD 
Chemistry, International 

"Two roads diverged in a 

wood, and I- 

I took the one less travelled 


And that has made all the 

~ -Robert Frost 
Thanks-I-House residents, 
ZTA's, hockey team, good luck 
Wendy, Natalie, Karen, 
Michelle, Renee G., Joe K, 
Mike F., John H., Brian C, 
Jen R., Kathy, Jean A., 
Stephany (best roomate ever), 
Doug-here's to the future. 


"Eric Stuart Jewett 

"I've seen things you people 
wouldn't believe, attack 
ships on fire off the shoul- 
der of Orion, I've watched 
seabeams glitter in the 
dark near the tanhouser 
gate. All those moments 
will be lost in time, like 
tears in rain." 

~ -Blade Runner 

"Some of it's magic, and 
some of it's tragic, but I had 
a good life all the way." 
- -Jimmy Buffet 

Whitehouse Station, NJ 
German, International Stud- 

"It seemed to him that the 
pale and lovely summoner out 
there smiled at him and 
beckoned; as though, with the 
had he lifted from his hip, he 
pointed outward as he hov- 
ered on before into an immen- 
sity of rich expectation." 
~ -Thomas Mann, 1911 


Jeffrey *E. Lint 

Ramsey. NJ, Biology 
Thanks to all who made 
these 4 years enjoyable. 
Special thanks to Dad, 
Mom, Chris, Sta, and 
the men of Dorchester. 
"Nobody ever told me, I 
found out for myself. 
You gotta believe in 
foolish miracles. It's not 
how you play the game 
if it's you win or lose you 
can choose, win or lose, 
don't confuse, it's up to 

%eith Wfiiteford 

Baltimore, MD 



(Barton A. Manning 

Lakeville, CT 
English, Spanish 

I wish to thank my family for 
the strength and courage that 
they have given to me. Good 
luck to all of my great friends, 
I look forward to seeing you 
all again wherever it may be! 



fAndrew 'Marios 

"If you wake a man who is 


And he doesn't know, what 

he doesn't know. 

What he doesn't know, then 

let him go back to sleep. 

If you wake a man who is 


And he knows, he knows, 

what he doesn't know. 

Then awaken him. 

If you wake a man who is 


And he knows, he knows, he 


Then follow him, because he 

is VISION."~~Bill Logakos 

Wayne, PA 

Memories. ..ZTA carried me 
through pain and joy; big sis— 
"I am here to live out loud;" 
li'l sis-I will forever be here. 
CVFD--thank you for allowing 
me to prove I was not help- 
less; Deli group-forever in my 
heart (my 3 a.m. caller you 
are too). Daddy-welcome 
home! Mom-ooxx! 

Parsonsburg, MD 
Psychology, Philosophy 

"Thou art God." 

~ -Robert A. Heinlein's | 
Stranger in a Strange Land 



Kenwood, CA 
International Studies 

Sherry 'Ann Benton 

Ft. Washington, MD 

"The best prophet of the 
future is the past." 
~ -Unknown 

"Life? Of course I have a life! 
It's backed up on disk some- 

~ -ancient Usenet prov- 

Hyattsville, MD 

English, History 

"Yet, when we reach the top, we 


The road way left behind 
Is not as steep and sheer as we 

Have pictured in our mind." 
~~by Anonymous from 

Thanks Dad, Mom, Tibby, and 
Mike for all your love 
and support. Jen R., Beth, and 
Joy-living in Cardinal was 
great. Hoy, Jen N., and Kelly- 
we made it! See you in the real 

"Did we come here to lauch or cry? 
Are we dying or being borne?" 

~ -Carlos Fuentes 
Thank you family for everything. 
Kirk good luck? LM 



%atFiryn tMutfan 

Elkton, MD 


"In the sun that is young once 


Time let me play and be 
Golden in the mercy of his 

~ -Dylan Thomas 
"The waves echo behind 
me... But there are other 
beaches to explore. There are 
more shells to find. This is 
only a beginning." 

~~Anne Morrow 

Ingredients: Calcium Carbon- 
ate, Acacia Ferrous Fumerate, 
Ascorbic Acid, Gelatin, Vitamin 
E Acetate, Cellulose, 
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, 
Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide, Modi- 
fied Cellulose Gum, Magnesium 
Stearate, Calcium Panlothenate, 
Artificial colors including FD & 
C Yellow # 5 and # 6. 

To all the beer I drank~I love 

To Miriam-I love you more than 
all the beer I drank. 

Thanks to— Mom, Sis, Brittany, 
Robet E. Lee, my brothers, 
Kappa Alpha Order, Phil, and 
my soul mate Miriam. 



(Bfair Mimeses 


Thanks to the whole Muneses 
family and even Buzzy. 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Pete, B. 
C, J. D., J. N.,B. M., M. K., 

girls on Queen St., Lambdas. 
Thanks Jen or a great semes- 
ter and future. It's finally 

"Dust off those dusty strings 
just one more time." 

Xristopher 'Murphy 

Hagerstown, MD 
Political Science 

"Good times for a change 
See the I've had 
Can make a good man turn 

So please, please, please 
let me, let me, let me. ..Let 

Get what I want this time." 
~~The Smiths 



Alexandra 9{ader 

New York City, NY 
English Literature 
"And we sit in a bar and 
talk 'till two about life and 
love as old friends do. And 
we tell each other what 
we've been through: How 
love is rare and life is 
strange-nothing lasts and 
people change." 

--Gretchen Cryer 

Sakva A. liafidi 

Biology, Pre-Med 
To all my friends especially 
Giles, Jon, M. B., L. G., T. H., 
A. G., and S. P. Thanks to 
Admissions and Student 
Afairs for putting up with me. 
Giles you are the best, I love 
you for everything. To my 
family I love you for all the 
support and your love. But 
most of all I can't thank 
enough, my Aunt and Uncle 
for all their love and guidence 
in my life and education— I 
love you. 



Taut '$ OSrecfit III 

Pokitin, MD 

Music, Psychology 
Washington College gave me 3 

1. Amor constante mas alia de la 

2. ...I'm hungry, let's get a taco. 

3. Divine Decadence. 
Thanx 2 every 1 i know 4 everything 
i know. 

Wiffiam T. Tftipps II 

Springfield, IL 
English, Education 

"The years teach much 
which the days never know." 



Jennifer 9\(yman 

Clifton, VA 

"There is time for everything, and a season for 
every activity under heaven. 
A time to plant, and a time to uproot 
A time to weep, and a time to laugh 
A time to mourn and a time to dance 
A time to embrace nd a time to refrain from 

A time for love, and a time to hate 
A time for war and a time for peace." 
— Ecclesiastes 3:1 

To my family and M. P 
Love ya! 


tMarf^ (Patrick Tfianeuf 

Annapolis, MD 

English, History and Sociology 

"You have got to learn to 
laugh. That will be required of 
you. You must apprehend the 
humor of life, its gallows- 

— H. Hesse 

"Drive Safely." 

~~D. Letterman 



Thanks to all the people who 
helped me and stay near me 
during these 4 years. Thanks 
to "The bandits" for being my 

Gracias a Dios y a mi familia, 
Mother, fishi, Father, y Adi y 
el apoyo en esta epoca y por 
dejar hacer mi sueno 
realidad. Emilio gracias no 
por ser mi amigo durante 
estos 4 anos sino por ser mi 

Fu.. this! I'm going for a 

"Nothing mych to say I guess, 
Just the same as all the rest 
Trying to throw your arms 
around the world. 
And a woman needs a man, 
Like a fish needs a bicycle 
Trying to throw your arms 
around the world. .."~~U2 

Gracias Ma, Pa, Jose y Clo por 
todo, los quiero mucho. Carlos, 
gracias por la rosea de estos 4 

Ole, ole, ole. 
Soy Argentino 

Es un sentimiento, no lo puedo 



Hagerstown, MD 


Kappa Alpha Order, Captain of 

baseball team 

"Don't let school get in the way of 

your education." 

--Mark Twain 
Thanks to Mom and Dad who 
sacraficed for 9 years while I got 
a great education. Thanks to the 
Brothers of Kappa Alpha, and 
everyine who touched me here at 
the WAC. You know who you 


Sparks, MD 



tt. Charfes Reinfwff 

(Peter W. Greene 


Seniors 11 L 

Jonathan Qordon 

"Going home, going home, by 

the waterside I will rest my 


Listen to the River sing sweet 

songs to rock my soul." 

~~ Grateful Dead 
Julie-words cannot describe 
how special you are to me. I 
couldn't have made it without 
you. I will never forget you. 
Special thanks to: C. W., J. 
T., K. L., B. M., M. D., and M. 
S. Be kind, always! 

'Lsfiani Samantka 

Colombo, Sri-Lanka 
Psychology, Business Man- 

Ammi, Thaththi, Akki, and 
Malli-thank you for making 
this education and experience 
possible. Without your love 
and support, it would have all 
been just a dream. I love you 
all! My friends-thanks for 
the fun times and making my 
stay enjoyable. 



Istizabeth M. 

Philadelphia, PA 

"That it will never come again 

Is what makes life so sweet." 

— Emily Dickenson 

Love and many thanks to Mom 
and Dad, A. W., N. G., K. A. S., 
and C. T. H. 

Jeff Sawyer 

schdiagn schdeign 
schdiagn schdeign 
schdiagn schdeign 
schdiagn schdeign 

schdiagn schdeign 
schdiagn schdeign 
schdiagn schdeign 
ewich ewich 
schdiagn schdeign 
schdiagn schdeign 
ewich ewich ewich 
schdiagn schdeign 

— Gerhard Riihm 



Juda Morgan Scfieid 


"As I finish my wine, I think of 
my friends. Right now each is 
doind some particular thing. 
When last I saw them, we were 
together in the country. I 
wanted to touch these people, 
explain how much they meant 
to me, andhow my life felt 
enriched by them." 

~ -Stephen Dobyns 



"Because I'm still in love with 

you I want to see you dance 

again, because I'm still in love 

with you on this Harvest 


~~Neil Young 

"I have to say it now, it's been a 
good life all in all. It's been 
really fine to have the chance to 
hang around." 
~~J. D. 



Cftristopfkr L. 

Richmond, VA 
Political Science 

"A closed mouth gathers no 

~ -Unknown 

"Surround yourself with the 
best people you can find, 
delegate authority, and don't 

~ -Ronald Reagan 

"Happiness is having a 
sense of self-not a feeling 
of being perfect, but of 
being good enough and 
knowing that you are in 
the process of growth, of 
achieving levels of joy." 

--Leo F. Buscaglia 



Salisbury, MD 

Philosophy and Humanities, 

Political Science minor 

Ghandi's Seven Sins: 

1. Wealth without work. 

2. Knowledge without char- 

3. Pleasure without con- 

4. Commerce without moral- 

5. Science without humanity. 

6. Worship without sacrifice. 

7. Politics without principle. 

John QiSson Semmes, Jr. 

Potomac, MD 

History, Spanish minor 

(Douglas < Mi[[ard !Hoff Sergei 

Baltimore, MD 



Step fumy Lynn 

Elkton, MD 

Spanish, English, Education 

"...que toda la vida es sueno, 

y los suenos suefis son... 

mas sea verdad o sueho, 

Obrar bien es lo que 


--Calderon de la Barca, 
La vida es seuho 

"You know that place be- 
tween asleep and awake? 
That place where you still 
remember dreaming? That's 
where I'll always love you." 

...may the child in your heart 
remain forever... 

Mommy, Dad, Donn, and Dee: 
I love you! Thank you for 
everything. To my girls: 
There are not enough words 
to describe how muh I love 
you! TAKOB, Bahamas. 
Naval Academy, Newts! D- 
Mode. I love you all more 
than words can say! See ya 

"Maybe nothing lasts forever 
not the mountains or the see 
but the time we spent to- 
that will always be with me." 



Crisfield, MD 

Political Science, Philosophy 

"It is widely recognized that 
the courageous spirit of a 
single man can inspire to 
victory an army of thousands. 
If one concerned with ordi- 
nary gain can create such an 
effect, how much more will 
be produced by one who cares 
for greater things 
— Chuang-tse 




Salisbury, MD 

"So many songs we forgotto 

So many dreams swinging out 
of the blue, 

Oh, let them come true... 
Forever young, I want to be 
forever young." 

Much love and thanks to 
Mom and Dad and all the 
friends and family along the 

To my parents and family, 
thank you! 

To all my brothers in KA 
To Jon, Ed, Ethan, Chris, 
Shane, Skip, and Peanut. 

Be true to yourselves. 
See you on the other side. 



West Simsbury, CT 
English, Political Science 

"What is life? It is the 
flash of a firefly in the 
night. It is the breath of a 
buffalo in the wintertime. 
It is the little shadow 
which runs across the 
grass and loses itself in the 

— Crowfoot 

"To touch is to heal, to hurt 
is to steal." 



(Brenda Ann Stanfeu 

Federalsburg, MD 

Well Mom... I made it. 
You're little girl's a woman 
of the world now. Thanks 
to you and the support from 
the rest o the family, I'm 
not afraid to do anything 
(even Arizona). Marcie, 
Sarah, and Nicole. ..what a 
year! Liza, I don't know 
what I would have done 
without you. And to India, 
I love you! Goodbye WC! 

Andrew James OVCarsefiaif^ 

Art, English 

"...Only art is capable of dismantling the 

repressive effects of a senile social system 

that continues to totter along the death 


— Joseph Beuys 

"I seek those like myself 

And I am at one with vicious folk." 

— "Estuans Interius", Carmina 

Knock hard-Life is deaf." 
—Mimi Parent 



'Barb Stuart 

Bozman, MD 

I leave here with the 
thought that "wherever 
you are it is your own 
friends who make your 

--William James 
Thank you to everyone. 

"Each friend represents a 
world in us, a world 
possibly not boren until they 
arrive and it is only by this 
meeting that a new world is 

-Anais Nin 

Mdissa ( Buwu> 

Olney. MD 
"Look to this day, 
For it is life, 
The very life of life. 
In its brief course lie all 
The realities and verities of existence, 
The bliss of growth, 
The splendor of action, 
The glory of power— 
For yesterday is but a dream, 
And tomorrow is only a vision. 
But today, well lived, 
Makes every yesterday a dream of happi 

And every tomorrow a vision of hope. 
Look well, therefore, to this day." 
— Sanskrit proverb 



Dad, Mom, and Kevin- 
thank you for all your 
support and for believ- 
ing in me, even when I 
didn't believe in myself. 
I love you all!! 


"At the root of human respon- 
sibility is the concept of per- 
fection, the urge to achieve it, 
the intelligence to find a path 
towards it, and the will to 
follow that path, if not to the 
end at least the distance 
needed to rise above indi- 
vidual limitations and envi- 
ronmental impediments." 
— Aung San Suu Kyi 

Andrew Warrant 

somehow i find myself far out of line 
from the ones i had drawn, wasn't the 
best of paths, you could attest to 
that... but i'm keeping on. there was no 
pot of gold, hardly a rainbow lighting my 

thanksgiving for every wrong more that 
made it right. 



Mom, Dad, and Boubbie: I 

love you!! 

Froobie: All I have to say to 

you is "Some days are dry, 

some days are leaky..." - — U2 

4 of the best years of my life 

were with you—thanks for 


M. S., M. J., C. D., you were 

friends who I couldn't have 

made it withough, I love 


D. P. M.: More, the most, 

and infinity! (Rule #5 is in 


"Those who will not accept 
history are doomed to repeat 

- — Voltaire 
"Silence consists of those 
sounds not intended." 

"Let the little birdies make poo 

"One is never at a loss for 
things with which to poke 
oneself in the eye." 

— Ramon Medina Silva 
Carcass, carcass, carcass. 



Monkton, MD 
Art, Psychology 

"And now, friends all, with 
thanks for the past and good 
wishes for the future it's time 
for me to say goodbye." 

Lara 1. 'Usifton 

Worton, MD 

"Nobody can fully understand the 
meaning of love unless he's owned a 
dog. He can show you more honest 
affection with a flick of his tail than a 
man can gather through a lifetime of 

—Coene Hill, "The Dog Man" 

"I cannot believe the purpose of life is 
to be 'happy.' I think the purpose of 
life is to be useful, to be responsible, to 
be compassionate. It is, above all, to 
matter: to goung, to stand for some- 
thing, to have made some difference 
that you lived at all." 
~~Leo Rosten 



%ate 9Kc r Betfi Forbes ^Tozvery 

Reisterstown, MD 

"Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will 
be there... you've got a friend." 

— James Taylor 
A special thank you to my entire family for instill- 
ing in me the value of love, my mother for being 
my role model and best friend, my friends-for 
making my life risher, Duncan--for our many 
dreams, and my grandfather--my inspiration~I 
miss you. 

Ridgefield, CT 
Art History 

"I was always told the best years of my life 
were going to be in college, I just never imag- 
ined them to be this good." 
Special thanks to my parents and friends you 
all know who you are, I could never have 
made it without you all. 

Susan (Deteon (Daisfey 

Kensington, MD/ Business Management 

Thanks to all my friends at WC-- 

"These are the times to remember 'cause they will 

not last forever." — Billy Joel 

And special thanks to my parents and two best 

friends for making the past four years the best of 

my life. 



American Studies 

I would like to thank my family and 
friends for all their support through my 
years at W. C. I love you all. 

(Denise < M.arshalt c Walur 

Cambridge, MD 
Economics, Mathematics 

"Friendship is not only special, but a rare 
gift." I have been blessed with Grover, 
Barbara, Michelle, Melissa, the Brickman 
bunch, and of course, my husband, Jack. I 
can't thank my Dad and the Economics 
department enough for all that they have 
done for me. My four years at W. C. have 
been the happiest of my life. For all, may 
the best still be yet to come. 



%arm 'Page Westing 

Bel Air, MD 

History, Anthropology 

"Argue for your limitations and sure enough, 

they're yours." — Richard Bach 

Mom, Dad, and Oma-Thanks for the support, 

love, and the past 4 years. 

WRM--Thanks best friend. 

MV--I love you big sister, in the bond! 

Semester Crew '93--See you on the flip side! 

AX-See 'ya! 

'Brandon Christian White 

Baldwin, MD 

Psychology, Sociology minor 

A special thanks to my Mom for your love and 
support in everything I do. Thanks Spencer for 
being one great brother. Thanks to my Dad and 
the rest of my family. 

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you 

— Theodore, Roosevelt 

Tony Wright 

"Everything in excess! To enjoy th eflavor of life, take 
big bites. Moderation is for monks." 
— L. L. aka Robert A. Heinlein 

Thanks to all who made the experience an interesting 
one. Special thanks to Geoff, my infinitely patient 
parents, D. D., and Erin. 



Margaret Wister Wurts 


Photo editor, Elm, Spring 1993 

Sailing team: Fall 1991-Spring 1994 

Today is the tomorrow that worried me 
yesterday, and all is well. 

— unknown 

Thanks to the people who helped me live, 
learn, and have fun. No fools-No fun! RR. 

Spring Lake, NJ 
English Literature 

"To all upon my way, day after day, let me 
be joy, be hope! Let my life sing!" 

— Mary Carolyn Davies 
Melissa and Rock, "I'll miss the tears and 
laughter, the day we met and all that fol- 
lowed after!" 

--Carol King 
Jane, I love you 2 beans! 
Darren, it had to be you! Thank you! 
Mom and Dad, thank you for all I could 
ever need to be Joy! 



CfiristaBel MeEzuan 

Rockville, MD 

International Studies, Anthropology/ 
Biology minors 

I am my Mother's Daughter, spool 
gathering fruits of the sacred womb, 
wind rattling panpipe reeds, October 
crisp with yellow bonfires. I am the 
flowers in Her hair, my cauldron 
heavy with harvest, a womyn tree 
branching the moon. Love and 
blessings to all who sustained my 

Eve Cusfunan Zartman 

"When you cease to make a con- 
tribution, you begin to 
die." — Eleanor Roosevelt 

"Carpe Diem!" 

MathezO t D. Zimmerman 

Cincinnati, OH 

"I'd beenthinking solidly of 
giving up money and power, 
would rather make an om- 

— Jim Harrison, "The 
Man Who Gave Up His 



Pamela Hendrickson 
Raymond Herndon 
Douglas Hoffberger 
Mary Holmes 
Dawn Jarboe 
Caroline Jensen 

Maria Jerardi 
Eric Jewett 
Sarah Johnston 
Lisa Jones 
Scott Koon 
Joseph Koskuba 

Christian Kubick 
Patrick Lebowitz 
Tina Lennon 
Jeffrey Lim 
Julie Lippke 
Kirsten Lucas 

Ryan Mahoney 
Andrew Manos 
Helen Marshall 
Brian Matheson 
Kristin McMenamin 
Sherry Menton 

Lance Mercerau 
Melissa Moorehead 
Kathryn Mullan 
Paul Mullin 
Kristopher Murphy 
Alexandra Nader 

Salwa Nahdi 
Valerie Neidig 
Jennifer Nyman 
Amy Osbourne 
Andrew Parks 
Douglas Peterson 

Donald Pfister 
Mark Phaneuf 
John Phoebus 
Joy Pichot 
Kevin Rader 
Jennifer Reddish 

Timothy Riggins 
Laura Rindfuss 
Jonathon Rogers 
Eshani Ruwanpura 
Jeffrey Sawyer 
Elizabeth Schneck 

1 (13 2) Seniors 

Christopher Schroeder 
Karen Scott 
Jennifer Sendax 
Stacy Sherman 
Geoffrey Simms 
Stephany Slaughter 

Christine Smith 
Benjamin Smyth 
James Souvlis 
Wayne Sprouse 
Andrew Stone 
Barbara Stuart 

Melissa Sullivan 
Jessica Towers 
Lara Usilton 
Margaret Wadsworth 
Margaret Walker 
Benjamin Ward 

Anthony Wright 
Alexis Vandernat 
Scott Verstandig 
Eve Zartman 
Matthew Zimmerman 


to the 
Class of 1994 





134) Sports 

i play there are two pleasures for your 

he one is winning, the other 

—Lord Byron 

Sports 135, 

Year of the Comeback 

Shoreman Soccer Has Exciting Future 

Coach Todd Helbling's 
primary goal for the '93 
Shoremen soccer team was to 
improve on last years results 
and possibly attain the 
school's first .500 or better 
season since 1979. Although 
the latter did not happen, the 
shoremen did improve 
greatly. A predominantly 
young team was led by lone 
senior Rory Conway, who tied 
with freshman Jon Kostyal 
for top scoring honors. Both 
Conway and Kostyal finished 
in the top 15 in scoring over- 
all in the conference. 

A strong defense led by Jun- 
ior goal keeper Greg Miller 
was a major asset for the 
team. Miller was exceptional, 
giving up only 30 goals and 
making 135 saves in over 20 
games. In front of Miller 
were 3 extremely talented 
sophomores and one fresh- 
man. Sophomores Chip 
Helm, Geoff Bley, and Cliff 
freshman Will Merriken, led 
an aggressive defense and 
aided Miller in the backfield. 
To round off the Shoremen's 
improving season Miller was 

named to the Centennial 
Conference second team and 
Conway and Helm, as well as 
Freshman Andrew King wen 
given conference honorable 
mentions. The team finished 
with a record of 7-8-3 improv 
ing on 92's mark of 5-12-2. 
With only Conway leaving, 
the team should improve ove 
the next couple of years as th 
young players mature and 
gain valuable game experi- 

By Liza Dickson 

136) Sports 

1993 Stats 

Lebanon Valley 

1-0 W 

Lancaster Bible 

3-0 W 


0-2 L 


3-1 W 


2-3 L 


6-0 W 


1-2 L 


1-1 L 


3-0 L 


1-4 L 


4-1 W 


0-0 T 


1-1 T 

Mt. Olive 

1-2 L 

Western MD 

0-2 L 


2-1 W 

Johns Hopkins 

1-2 L 

Deleware Valley 

2-1 W 


0-4 L 




Through a rocky season for this year's field hockey team, with a 
record of 3-9-1, coach Sarah Feyerherm says she was "overall, 
really pleased" and that the women played harder than any team 
she'd ever seen. 

Captain Peggy Bowman showed herself an excellent leader 
when another skillful player, Renee Guckert was out half the 
season with an injury. As senior Maria Jerardi remarked, "Our 
record doesn't show our ability because there were a lot of close 
games that have gone either way." Coach Feyerherm noted that 
the last game, ending in a win over Catholic University, was a 
great way to end the season. In an exemplary show of the team's 
persistence, the Sho'women were behind at the end of regulation 
time but made a solid effort in overtime to take the win. 

Coach Feyerherm predicts a bright future for the team despite 
the loss of four good seniors-she has a promising core of players 
returning and hopes to be even stronger next year. 

[(138 ) Sports 

Sports ( 13S 

Volleyball: serving up top honors 

WAC Volleyball finished their '94 season with a 26-16 record, an 
impressive finish considering the significant level of competition 
the team faced, according to coach Penny Fall. The team finished 
fifth, with a Centennial Conference record of 6-4. 

The volleyball team placed third in both the Scranton tourna- 
ment (against New York and New England schools) and 
Haverford tournament (against western schools) earning the 
young squad maturity and respect, quickly. 

"The team matured rapidly because of scheduling. They had 
to play hard from the beginning," states Coach Fall. 

Jen Dixon was named to the All-Centennial first team, a team 
of only six players selected from eleven schools. Bev Diaz re- 
ceived honorable mention. 

Team members garnering top honors for the conference were 
Jen Dixon (high in kills and efficiency), Tina Smith (first in serv- 
ing aces), Bev Diaz (high in digs), and Courtney Myers (high in 

^M O) Sports" 








Flood of Praise for 
the Swim Team 

This year's swim team finished an outstand- 
ing season with the men's record at 8-2 and the 
women's, 2-9. Surpassing even their previous 
year's success, the team went on to break all 
nineteen former school records. 

On the women's end, senior co-captain Jenni- 
fer Green led the team, holding records in both 
the 100 and 200 meter backstroke. She joined 
Colleen Roberts, Jennifer Dow and Jennifer Voss 
in holding the 200 m freestyle relay record and 
along with Amy Draper, Colleen Roberts and 
Denise Hakanson, holds the record in the 200 m 
medley relay. 

Heading the team for the men were junior co- 
captains Chris Freisheim and Dave Cola. Both 
worked with their teammates to set personal 
records at the Middle Atlantic Conference 
Championships. Freisheim, with Tim Parent, 
Peter Ward and Jason Campbell set a new 
school record in the 200m freestyle. Cola and 
Freisheim, along with their teammates Ward 
and Jason Campbell, set a record in the 400m 
freestyle and a again in the 800m freestyle 
teaming up with Dan Woodall and Dave Kraft. 

Peter Ward also, placing 2nd and 3rd respec- 
tively at MACs, set new school records in the 
100m and 200m backstroke. Freshman Tim 
Parent proved a valuable new addition to the 
team as well; he placed 2nd in the 100m butter- 
fly at the championships, breaking another 
WAC school record. 

"This year, with the help of the freshmen, 
we've come a long way in developing the pro- 
gram since its start three years ago," said 
Freisheim. "We set a team goal to place second 
in championships after losing to Franklin and 
Marshall in the first meet and we were able to 
accomplish our goal." 

Losing only one senior, Jen Green, the strong 
young team, under the guidance of Kim 
Lessard, should prove to be a notable force next 
year. -by Heather Pilar and 

^^-_ Katie Pagliughi 

rXl4 2) Sports 


Sports \ U3j 


After being recognized as a 
varsity sport in 1974, Washington 
has come to be known as one of 
the elite college powers on the 
Eastern Seaboard. Under the 
guidance of head coach Mike 
Davenport, W.C. has continued 
the tradition of success. 

WC Rowing began it's 1994 
season winning several races in 
Orlando, Florida over spring 
break, and captured the 
Caspersen Cup. 

The men's pair, consisting of cox 
Karen Wright, Eric Jewett, and 
John Shannahan rowed to a 
bronze medal at the Dad Vail 
Regatta; Doug Peterson and 
Adam Scholl bronzed in the 
straight pair at the Dad Vails and 
the National Intercollegiate 
Rowing Association Champion- 
ship Regatta. The lightweight four 
with cox Amv Osborne, Leroy 
Gatell, Mike Beardsly, Ray 
Herndon, and Brendan Norris 
captured silver medals at Dad 
Vails, and bronzed at the National 
Intercollegiate Rowing Associa- 
tion Championship Regatta. 

Women's assistant coach Kara 
Weisenbaugh observed, "We had 
two women's varsity fours that 
were competitive-very competi- 
tive. What was exciting was that 
at any given race the women 
stood a good chance to win." 

The lightweight women's four of 
Kathy Mullan, Taber Overall, 
Laura Green, Melisa Olson, and 
cox Karen Wright were medalists 
in virtually every spring race. 

14 4) Sports 

-•»- — w 

Sports ( 145} 


HJ46 ) SportiT 

Netters End First Centennial 
Conference Season Strong 

This year's Shoremen were able 
to match their record from last 
year, despite many hardships. 
Not only did they lose four key 
seniors from last year's team, they 
also had a new coach, Mike Hart, 
who was the interim coach. This, 
however, didn't stop the team 
from making the Centennial 
Conference playoffs. 

Leading the team was captain 
Charles Cummings, who aver- 
aged 17.3 points per game. The 
team's other senior, Geoff Rupert, 
led the team with 13.6 points per 
game. Rupert also scored is 
1000th career point during the '93- 

'94 season. Juniors Jerry Davis 
and Adam Poe also helped the 
team along, as did sophomore 
Edmund Hicks. Freshman Ben 
Harris and Derek Cuff both had 
outstanding beginning seasons 
and will be returning next season 
to further contribute to the team. 
Other contributing freshmen on 
the team were Mark Awantang 
and Paul Kenny. With the return 
of Coach Finnegan next year, the 
future of Shoremen basketball 
looks bright. 

-by Heather Pilar and 
Katie Pagliughi 



Young Team Surprises Many in First 
Formal Season 

This year's basketball season 
began the first for the women as a 
full varsity intercollegiate team. 
In the words of the women's head 
coach, Lanee Cole, "This was a 
great season!" The women fin- 
ished with a 11-13 record, above 
all expectations for a young and 
somewhat inexperienced team. 
Cole added, "The gals worked 
extremely hard, gelled well as a 
team and deserved all eleven 

Co-captains were senior guard 
Pam Hendrickson and, represent- 
ing the team's freshmen, starting 
power forward Allison 
Wentworth. Eboni Taylor, the 
team's center, who averaged 16.7 

points per game, commented on 
the team's performance saying, 
"We had a good year considering 
there were eight freshmen, one 
senior and one sophomore." "We 
surprised a lot of teams," said 
Allison Wentworth, the leader in 
scoring with an average of 16.9 
points per game. The Sho'women 
finished the season with wins 
over seven Centennial Conference 
teams including Swarthmore, 
Byrn Mawr, Gettysburg, 
Haverford and Western Mary- 
land. The young team placed 
third in the East division and as 
coach Cole said, "The future is 
definitely bright!" 
-by Heather Pilar and Katie Pagliughi 

[(U 8) Sports" 


Sports ( U9[_ 

l~(S j) Sports^ 


fever had Washington College won a national championship in 
ny sport until the men's tennis team stunned Claremont College 
i the tournament final to capture the NCAA Division III title on 
lay 19. 

The third-seeded Shoremen captured the NCAA Division III 
len's Tennis Team Championship with a dramatic 5-4 win over 
mrth-seeded Claremont in Redlands, California. 
"This has been the most exciting sporting event I've ever been 
ssociated with. Playing on a national-caliber team was very big, 
ut these past few days have made everything else pale in com- 
arison, "Head Coach Tim Gray said in an interview after the team 
mie back from California. "It was an unbelievable sight, 
laremont was there pulling for Santa Cruz, Pamona and all the 
ther California schools. There were probably 100, 200 people at 
lat match going absolutely ballistic pulling for the California 
:hools. And there was me, Danny, and Todd. They showed so 
mch heart in that match, it was just unbelievable. They sucked it 
p. Robin was hurting. He could hardly walk and Damian just 
layed unbelievable doubles. Everybody just stepped it up." 

The Pegasus staff regrets 
that photos of the men's 
team were not available 
at press time. Article by 
Marv Jefferson. 

Sports ( 151; 

15 2) Sports 


he WC women's tennis team headed into their 1994 season as a young 
am, but came out ahead of the game at the end. The young team, led 
y lone senior and junior Pam Hendrickson and Diana Clausen, sur- 
rised themselves with a season filled with victories. 
All the women played well this season, with particularly strong 
ngles power from freshman Amy Rizatello and Melissa Ellwanger. 
[endrickson and Clausen once again showed their prowess at the net 
aving overwhelmingly victorious singles seasons. Other strong 
layers for the Shorewomen were sophomores Ann-Marie Malena and 
icky Roth. 

Hendrickson and Clausen combined their experience to rule in 
Dubles for the women this season. Malena and Ellwanger also per- 
irmed strongly as a doubles team. A big win for the doubles women 
ds season was at Dickinson where the Shorewomen went all out and 
on every doubles match they played. 

The Shorewomen ended their season with a strong record, much 
ore than Coach Gray had predicted for his team. The rebuilding that 
: had said would take place turned into much more. His Shorewomen 
lowed that next season, they will be a team to be reckoned with in the 

Sports f 153) 


15 4) Sports 


ie Shoremen Lacrosse team had 
strong season this year ending 
eir season with success. The 
rong offensive team gave the 
\oremen an edge over many of 
eir competitors as their games 
ere continually high scoring and 
:tion packed. 

The Shoremen boasted wins 
/er SUNY-Courtland, St. Mary's, 
reensboro, Colby, and F&M. 
Ithough the team faced several 
ugh Division I losses, they 
eaned up the field in their own 
ivision III. Washington clearly is 
\e of the stronger lacrosse 
awers in D-III action, showing 
emselves a quick, offensively 
inded team. The entire squad 


contributed to the action on the 

One of the biggest wins of the 
season came over Centennial 
Conference rival Franklin and 
Marshall. Coach Corcoran re- 
ferred to the game as "a good 
win," one in which the WC of- 
fense and defense played a solid 
game. At half-time the score stood 
8-7, in favor of the Shoremen. The 
second half was key in the victory. 
Five different players scored for 
the Shoremen, while F&M seemed 
to sit and watch WC seal the win. 

Perhaps one of the most disap- 
pointing losses for WC this year 
was the loss to Eastern Shore rival 
Salisbury State. The game ended 

with the Gulls winning 13-8. In 
what has come to be known as 
"The War On The Shore," sopho- 
more Bart Jaegar and seniors 
Chris Cote and Jason Paige turned 
in outstanding performances, 
showing the prowess of the 
Shoremen offense. 

WAC loses a few players this 
year to graduation. Blair Muneses, 
Matt Zarinko, Chris Cote, Chris- 
tian Boone, Chris Sanchez, and 
Brian Flynn all played their last 
season for the Shoremen this year. 
Their agility and skill will be 
missed as the Shoremen look 
toward another successful season. 

Sports ( 155) I 


Another Tough Season For Shorewomen 

The Shorewomen lacrosse team 
went into their season this year 
with a burden on their shoul- 
ders. The Shorewomen had 
ended their 1993 season with 
seven consecutive losses. 
Heading into their 1994 season, 
both Coach Sarah Feyerherm 
and her squad had high hopes. 

Despite high team spirit and 
seemingly undefeatable mo- 
rale, the WC women had 
another losing season. They 
were faced with losses to 
strong teams, but their spirit 
remained undaunted. 

The high point of the season 
came for the Shorewomen 
when they broke their fifteen 
game losing streak by defeat- 
ing Widener. It was a particu- 

it S) Sports" 

larly rough game for the 
women, playing in rain and 
mud, but coming out on top 
14-5. They followed that win 
with another tough victory 
over Goucher. 

Feyerherm never lost faith in 
her team. She constantly 
praised their seemingly endless 
efforts at teamwork and com- 
munication. The younger 
players on the squad will have 
this teamwork and communi- 
cation as foundation for next 
year's team. 

The Shorewomen may have 
had a losing record, but their 
efforts and determination are 
winners here at WAC. The 
persistence and undaunted 
spirit will lead them into a 
successful 1995 season. 



Sports ( 157) 

(15 8 ; Sports 

Two Sho'women named to all-star team 

Washington College outfielder Denise Hakanson of 
Gloucester, N. J., and shortstop Cherie Gallini of Piscataway, 
N. J., were named to the Centennial Conference all-star team 
after balloting conducted by the conference's eight head 

Hakanson, a first-team honoree in the Middle Atlantic 
Conference in 1993, was named to the Centennial's second 
team. She batted .333 for the 9-15 Shorewomen, collecting 25 
hits in 75 at bats. 

A sophomore, Hakanson drove in 18 runs and scored 16. 
She also sported a fielding percentage of .853. 

Gallini, a freshman, played a variety of positions for coach 
Lanee Cole-pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. She was recog- 
nized at the latter position by Centennial coaches. 

Finishing the season with a .397 batting average, Gallini 
drove in 14 runs on 27 hits-including eight doubles and a 
team-high two triples. She played near flawlessly in the field 

Freshman pitcher Amy Povolski led the club in batting 
average (.427), hits (32), RBI (21) and fielding percentage 
(.984). She also had one of the Shorewomen's two home runs, 
that coming in the season-finale loss at Ursinus. Washington 
finished the season 9-15 overall, 3-11 in the Centennial. 

The Shorewomen's nine wins-seven over varsity opponents- 
-are the most in the school's 15-year history. 

Coach Lanee Cole, in her second year, said she was pleased 
with the season. 

"Overall, we progressed," she said. "And every coach wants 
to be able to say that." 

Third baseman/shortstop Tara Rathel (13-for-23, .565), one 
of two juniors on a seniorless team, was lost after the eighth 
game because of an injury. Sophomore second baseman Kouri 
Coleman (9-for-34, .265), a first-year player, missed the last 
four games because of a knee injury. 

Stepping up were freshmen Amy Povolski, Cheri Gallini, 
and Alicia Washburn. 

Also playing a key role was sophomore outfielder Michele 
Chin, who batted .303 and drove in 15 runs on 20 hits. 

Courtesy of Kent County News 

Sports f l5JjT| 

Sluggers savor successful season 

The Washington College 1994 edition of its baseball team 
completed one of the most successful seasons in its baseball 
history from a won-lost standpoint. Winning 17 of 27 encoun- 
ters overall and finishing second behind Johns Hopkins U. in 
the newly formed Centennial Conference with a 12 win 6 loss 
record, Washington College can take pride in the accomplish- 
ments of this past year's team. 

Post season accolades went to seniors Keith Whiteford 
(pitcher) and Rory Conway (outfield) and sophomore Brian 
Rush (catcher), all three being selected to the All-Conference 
Team. Whiteford was also selected as the outstanding pitcher 
in the conference. In addition, Whiteford was chosen by his 
teammates as the Most Valuable Player for the season and 
sophomores Douglas Blair and Brian Rush were selected as 
the Most Improved Players. 

Whiteford finished the season with a pitching record of 10 
wins and 2 losses. Blair was the next most effective pitcher 
with a 5-3 record. 

Offensively, the Sho'men hit for a combined average of .323. 
Leading hitters included Keith Whiteford (.440), Rory Conway 
(.397), freshman Tim Pilarski (.383), freshman Jarrett Pasko 
(.325), senior Andy Parks (.292), junior Dan Coker (.283), and 
sophomores Gary Yovanovich (.275) and Brian Rush (.259). 



f(l6 0) Sports 


Sports ( 16l) 

10 lively ladies, 
cheering for the WAC 

Playing the role of entertain- 
ers and moral-boosters, Wash- 
ington College's cheerleaders 
kept energy high throughout 
the basketball season. This 
year's cheerleading squad was 
dedicated and motivated. Six 
freshmen, two sophomores, 
one junior, and one senior 
clapped, danced, lept, flipped, 
and cheered for the Sho'men 
and dedicated audiences. This 
season the women added 
dancing routines for half-time 
excitement, as well as con- 

structing pyramids for the time 
outs. The squad worked very 
hard learning new cheers, 
pyramids, and dances, to make 
an all new appearance for the 
squad of 1994. Through their 
loyalty the squad was able to 
devote many hours a week to 
practice, in order to put on 
quite a show for the Sho'men 
crowd. Since the squad is only 
graduating one senior, Heather 
Coursey, preparations for the 
'94-'95 season began early. 

-by Stacey Waicker 








i , i . n i t "• ~~f~: "" 



(164) Activities 

Everybody has his own theatre, 

and audience. 

q which he is manager, 


--J.C. andA.W. Hare 






Activities (165J 


Erin Branch, President 

166) Activities 

(Date aidants ^Heritage 

Campus Christian 
Jetton's flip 

Renee Kuhnel, President 

Omicron (Detta 'Kappa 

Activities ( 16/jj] 

168 Activities 

Activities 169 

Hands Out 

Keith Morgan, Student Representative 
Dr. L. Cades, Advisor 


Geoff Simms, Student Representative 


Elisa Hale, Student Representative 
Dr. Weissman, Advisor 

170 Activities 


Historical Society 

Wendy Debnam, President 
Dr. Striner, Advisor 

Andrea Nolan, Student Representative 
Dr. Munson, Advisor 

Activities 171 

Women's Soccer 

Christy Belliveau, Student Representative 

Wac Happenings 

Natalie Guiberson, Megan Ward, Michelle 
Crosier, Ken Pipkin, Keith Morgan 

Writer's Union 

Prof. Day, Advisor 

172 Activities 


'he 1993-1994 Pegasus staff 
3 one of a kind. They had to 
tut up with some amazing 
tuff this year, but they 
worked hard, worked through 
t, worked under all kinds of 
leadline pressure to turn out 
he book you hold in your 
Lands. As editors, we can 
ruly say that without them 
here would be no Pegasus. 

The staff would like to thank 
Rich Schrenker, our Jostens 
representative; Jim Rainey, 
our DaVor representative; 
John Jones, the senior pho- 
tographer and the rest of the 
DaVor staff; all the coaches, 
advisors, heads of boards, and 
students who cooperated with 
us or helped us out in any 
way; Dr. Striner and the 

Board of Publications for 
always supporting us; Diane 
Larrimore for providing us 
with lists on the spur of the 
moment; Joan Browne for the 
labels; the Central Services 
Staff; Michelle Messick for 
her business help, and last, 
but definitely not least, 
Meredith Davies Hadaway for 
being a wonderful advisor. 

^gasus Staff Members ( above, L to R, Top to 
bottom): Sharla Ponder; Miriam Farkas; John Daskalakis; 
)awn Simms; Krissie Callahan, Co-Editor; Mary Jefferson, 
"o-Editor; Liza Dickson; Sue Huntley, Co-Photo Editor; Don 
'fister, Co-Photo Editor;Katie Pagluighi, Heather Pilar, 
Jaomi Cook, Stacey Waicker 
tight (top/ bottom): Mel anie Stoer, Chris Schultz 





174) Greeks 

here is a destiny that makes us 

Comes back unto our own. 


--Edwin Markham 

one goes his way alone: 

1\ that we send into the lives of 


Greeks ( l75)1 

%appa Alpha 

Charles Albrecht, Christopher Berghous, Michael Bowman, Charles Bucknor, Chad Cunninghan 
Federico Da-Fieno, John Daskalakis, Lionel Dyson, Christopher Eaton, Jeffrey Grafton, Aaro 
Grayson, Joseph Koskuba, Jason Kraus,Tod Lineburger, Christopher Maier, Paul Mullin, Mai 
Murphy, Jonathan Paine, Andrew Parks, Kenneth Pipkin, Deepak Raja, Dana Rechen, Benjami 
Smyth, Andre Taylor, Christian Thornton, Max Walton 

176) Greeks 

No Picture Available 

Thi "Delta "Iheta 

. D. Albright, Giles Beale, Brian Bird, Christian Boone, William Brimhall, Merritt Burke, John 
layton, Rory Conway, Christoher Cote, Steven Dashiell, David Dennehy, Christopher Downs, 
hristopher Evans, Brian Flynn, Erik Fuchs, Christian Graham, Jesse Hammock, Bradley 
[arris, Douglas Hoffberger, Bart Jaeger, Matthew Johnson, Ronald Lockhart, Andrew Manos, 
yler McCarthy, Michael McDermott, Shawn McMahon, Andrew Moffat, Robert Moran, Graham 
lunda, Timothy Reardon, Harry Rienhoff, Christopher Sanches, John Semms, Sean Swift, 
hristopher Welch, Gary Yovanovich 

he Phi Delta Theta Fraternity is not picutred due to fault of the 
earbook staff. We regret and apologize for this error. 


( Iheta Chi 

Eric Boone, Christopher Camillo, Chad Campbell, Craig Flury, Brian Ford, Frank Frisbie, Michae 
Ginns, Tod Hall, Paul Kenny, Kenneth Lapp, Patrick Lebowitz, Jeffrey Lim, Thomas McLemore 
Lance Mercereau, Kristopher Murphy, Jarrett Pasko, Timothy Peters, Eric Pikus, Timoth 
Pilarski, Adam Poe, Brett Rhyne, Kevin Roland, Geoffrey Rupert, Christopher Shultz, Geoffre; 
Simms, Wayne Sprouse, Colin Taper, Brian Tipton, Gene Vassell, Scott Verstandig, Keitl 

178 Greeks 

Ztta 1au Alfha 

Christy Belliveau, Jeanine Bilderback, Amy Bortmes, Melissa Burow, Krissie Callahan, Michelle 
Chin, Jess Clark, Donica Collier, Heather Coursey, Michelle Crosier, Colleen Cusick, Wendy 
Debnam, Beverly Diaz, Shane Dwyer, Kelly Eakin, Mariah Geissler, Lainie Goldsmith, Natalie 
Guiberson, Denise Hakanson, Heather Harper, Laura Heidel, Becca Herrera, Sue Huntley, Mary 
Jefferson, Maria Jerardi, Monica McDowell, Kristin McMenamin, Kim Morgan, Courtney 
Meyers, Sharla Ponder, Karen Scott, Tammie Silva, Stephany Slaughter, Barb Stuart, Kim 
VanKeuren, Megan Ward, Liza Whayland, Nicole Zemanski, Marianne Culbertson, Tina Smith, 
Kari Lee, Eileen Kuriger, Liza Dickson, Dani Heath, Stephanie Self, Nikki Chmura, Leanne Cole, 
Robin Diamond, Dawn Simms 



Atpfia Cfd Omega 

Amy Barrell, Keren Bianchini, Michelle Brown, Denise Coleman, Cynthia DeWaters, Am; 
Draper, Erika Ford, Ivette Gormaz, Emily Grush, Renee Guckert, Susan Hanna, Pamel; 
Hendrickson, Elizabeth Hocker, Brett Kipay, Renee Kuhnel, Kirsten Lucas, Sabrina Luginbuhl 
Shannon Metcalf, Amy Osborne Merritt Pridgeon, Tara Rathel, Renee Rhodes, Jennifer Saunders 
Julia Scheid, Rebecca Strauss, Amy Tingle, Michelle Vandernat, Keren Westing, Crystal Windso 

180 Greeks 

Mpha Omicron (Pi 

lenee Alten, Suzanne Basel, Sarah Bauer, Jennifer Bershon, Gretchen Blitz, Nicole Bromwell, 
Abigail Byers, Renee Bylkas, Cortenay Child, Kouri Coleman, Charlee Darby, Suzanne Fischer, 
Nicole Gallagher, Jennifer Hagey, Shrylnee Johnson, Julie Klien, Ann-Marie Malena, Cynthia 
vlatalucci, Nancy Millhouser, Marcia Mowbray, Heather Murray, Kristen Nemecek, Suzanne 
Nichols, Heather Noble, Joy Pichot, Melanie Ruane, Melissa Ruane, Amanda Schwartz, Renee 
Seaman, Jennifer Sendax, Michelle Sheppard, Jessica Tunison, Margaret Wadsworth, Alicia 
Vashburn, Melanie Wentzell, Melissa Wentzell, Melissa Windsor, Amie Wisely, Stephanie 
Voodward, Allison Worrell, Sarah Young 

Greeks f l8J] 


On October tenth of last year, LFC 
was filled with excitement. Why? 
Greek Games, the annual competi- 
tion among the fraternities and 
sororities on campus. The "teams" 
arrived, ready to play and be silly. 
This year's events included the 
orange pass, the lifesaver pass, water 
balloon tossing, dizzy lizzies, relay 
races, three legged races, sack races 
(with improptu shoelace tying for 
the "sack"), and a team volleyball 
battle. And we can't forget the jello 
eating competition. 
The sororities came to a close tie. In 

fact, the Zetas and the Alpha Chis 
had to have a tie breaker tug of war. 
The Alpha Chis came out on top of 
the situation, but it was a tough fight. 
The AOPi's took a close third place. 

The Theta Chis ran away with the 
win among the fraternities, with the 
Phi Delts coming in a close second, 
and the KAs third. 

Although there were no prizes, the 
winners clain bragging rights. ..that is, 
at least until next year! 

—by Krissie Callahan 
and Mary Jefferson 

1182:) Greek 


:; ' 

Greek 183 



f(l84)~ Closing 

The timeless in you is aware of life's 


imelessness and know that yesterday 

s but today's memories 

\nd tomorrow is today's dream. 

all the other seasons, 

and let today embrace the past with 


and the future with longing. 

3ut if in your thought you must mea- 

-- Kahlil Gibran 

ime into seasons, let each season en- 

From The Prophet 

Closing Tl85T] 



Sunday, May 22, 1994 

Chestertown, Maryland 

["(l8 6) Closing 

Senior ^Honors and Prizes 

Alpha Chi Omega Music Award- -John Harris 
Business Management Award- -Andrew Evens 
Business Management Senior Obligation Award- 

-Jennifer Hozik 
Eugene B. Casey Medal- -Stephany Slaughter 
Modern Language Department Prize — Stephany 

Slaughter, Joseph Koskuba 
Henry W. C. Catlin Medal~~Lionel Dyson 
Clark-Porter Medal- -Salwa Nahdi 
Gold Pentagon Award- -Salwa Nahdi, Maria 

Stewart Drama Award- -Steven Brown 
William Gover Duvall '30 Prize for Mathematics- 

-Jason Kraus 
Eldridge Eliason Award- -Douglas Perterson, 

Keith Whiteford. Renee Guckert 
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Award- 

-Brian Ford 
Emil J. C. Hildenbrand Memorial Medal- -Tanya 

Angell Allen 

Arthur A. Knapp Memorial Prize in History- 

-Merritt Pridgeon 
Phi Alpha Theta Award- -Merritt Pridgeon 
International Studies Award- -Joseph Koskuba 
Louis L. Goldstein '35 Award- -John Phoebus 
Political Science Award- -John Phoebus 
Non-Trditional Student Award — Monica Simpler 
Virginia M. Conner '85 Psychology Department 

Prize ~~ Ramsey Bigham, Renee Rhodes 
Senior Athletic Award- -Christopher Cote 
Sociology Department Award- -Renee Guckert 
Sophie Kerr Prize- -Tanya Angell Allen 
Wall Street Journal Award- -Denise Marshall- 
George Washington Medal and Award- -Maria 

Joseph H. McLain '37 Prize — Maria Jerardi 
Doris T. Bell '50 Award- -Maria Jerardi 
Writers Union Award- -J. Tarin Towers 

IT S) Closing 

Closing ( 189) 



[Tl9 0) Clo sing 




oretashavebeenstcwsa'diseiis ;l ;irs. Sowhab 

UseComhms.'Ihere'stii high -■■■ ily 

Closing 191 

1 t 



-**" SB 

^9 2) Closing 

Closing 193 

194 Closing 

Closing ( 195) 

You are born, and oh, how you wail, 

Your first breath is a scream. 
Not timid or low, but selfish & shattering 

with all the force of waiting 
9 months underwater. 
The rest of yourlife 

Should be like that: 

an Announcement. 

'Editors' 9\[gtes... 

Krissie's Notes 

Another year, another book. Some- 
times I feel like it never ends. MJ- 
-we did it again! Better than 
before? Let's hope so... Thanks for 
always pulling through in jams 
and my crises. You're the best co- 
editor/friend/ sister... 

To all my sisters-thanks for help- 
ing me get through this when I 
thought I couldn't. Big time 
"thank you"s to Z (cupidface!), 
*Nise, Dani, LW, SH, LD, BH, HH, 
SP, NG, MW, Neaner, and of 
course, Mary— I love you guys. 

To my friends for always offering 
to help even though you knew I 
wouldn't let ya...CD, DB, AW, AL, 
IK, AG- You guys helped me more 
than you know. Love you all. 

To the staff-you guys were my 
lifesavers so so so many times. 
Without you there would be no 
Pegasus. Sue— you are one in a 
million. You kept me sane. Really. 
Here's to next year-start thinking 

Thanks to Meredith, Dr. Striner 
and the Board of Publications for 
all their help. 

Thanks to Dr. Fessler for encour- 
aging me when I felt stuck. 

Rich and Jim, our reps from 
Jostens and DaVor, thank you for 
your hours of endless help and all 
that information that we needed! 

Here's to next year! — Krissie 

Notes from Mary 

Krissie, somehow we knew things could only get 
better! A smooth start on a great book, a new sisterhood 
and a stronger friendship, and we still have two years 
left! Thank you, for always listening to me, giving me 
the encouragement to keep me going strong, and always 
having an available laugh or shoulder, or helping hand. 

Liza, "your the best roomir effir!!!" Through good 
times and bad, laughter and stress, hamsters and fish, 
men, extra roommates, love, hate, tears, joy, sisterhood, 
parties big and small, and the Internet! I love you! 

Wil, where can I start? You know how much you 
helped, in big and small ways... 

"All my Zeta sisters and me"— a bunch of great sisters, 
I love you all! Thanks for keeping us perked up and 
happy... and yes, sometimes it IS madness! Heather, the 
best big sister, thanks for everything! I'll miss you! 

Our staff, dedicated, eager... Katie, Naomi, Heather, 
Dawn, Sharla, John, Stacey, Sue, Don, Miriam, and 
Liza— you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the 
Pegasus, always remember that. 

Many thanks also go to the Everyone in the 
Registrar's office and Business office, the Board of Pub- 
lications, Dr. Striner, Meredith, WTK, Rube, Diane 
Larrimore, Security, Jim Rainey, Rich Schrenker, John 
Jones, Dr. Scout, Jason Kraus, Central Services, the 
Alumni House, and all who helped us, either directly or 
indirectly, to produce the 1994 Pegasus. Thank you!!! 

Looking on to 1995, lets go! -Mary 

Closing ( 197) 

Growing Old 

A little more tired at the close of day, 
A little less anxious to have our way; 
A little less ready to scold and blame, 
A little more care of a brother's name; 
And so we are nearing our journey's 

Where time and eternity meet and 

-Rollin John Wells 

198 1 r losing 

Conan J. Bailey 


Conan J. Bailey 

The Pegasus staff would like to dedicate the 1994 Pegasus 
to Conan's memory. He is sadly missed by the Washington 
College community. We would like to thank his parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Jay and Marge Bailev for making this dedication 

The Wind and The Rose 
I once saw a lone Rose 
In the middle of an empty field. 
All alone it grew 
While in conference with the breeze. 

The breeze did its job and 
Carried the Rose's sweet, sweet 
Breath to me, I inhaled 
Deeply, for I cherish the 
Rose's scent. 

The breeze with its gently touch 
Played with the Rose. It 
Swayed this way and that. I 
Laughed at its antics. 

I almost did not turn away that day; 
I did not wish to leave. 
The Rose drew me to it - 1 
Loved the Rose. It is the 
Greatest symbol, the most 
Powerful creature of Love. 

The Rose may die this Winter - 

Die in the field. 

It will never die in me. 

The Rose lives in me, through me, 

And for me. 

I am the Rose. 

by Conan J. Bailev 

Closing (199 


Volume 68 of the Pegasus was pub- 
lished by Jostens, Inc., located in 
State College. PA. The book is 7 3/4 x 
10 1/2 inches. The cover is 
silkscreened on Toreador #520 mate- 
rial, and Spanish grain is applied 
over it. The cover was designed by 
Rich Schrenker, Mary Jefferson and 
Krissie Callahan. It is foil stamped 
with Gold Foil #380, and the color 
Beige #374 was applied to the circle. 
Paperstock used in the book is 80 
pound gloss. Copy used in the book 
vaires, but the senior section is 
printed in Zapf Chancery and New 
Century Schoolbook. Most copy in 
the book is New Century Schoolbook 

Photography in the 1994 Pegasus is 
credited to DaVor Photography and 
members of the yearbook staff. Se- 
nior portraits were taken by DaVor 
photographer John Jones. Sports 
photography (with exceptions of 
soccer, field hockey and volleyball) all 
taken by DaVor Photography. Film 
was developed by either DaVor, Inc. , 
Eastern Shore Camera, or members 
of the yearbook staff. 

The staff of the 1994 Pegasus would 
like to express their appreciation to 
Rich Schrenker, Jostens Representa- 
tive, and James Rainey, DaVor Rep- 
resentative who offered their knowl- 
edge, assistance and services to help 
produce the 1994 yearbook. Thanks 
also to anyone who contributed to the 
1994 Pegasus. 

,20 0) Closing